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WelliesAndPyjamas had a little boy

25 replies

WelliesAndPyjamas · 08/03/2009 10:30

DS2 was born on the 28th Feb weighing 8lb 8oz. A beautiful and calm little man.

I tried for a natural delivery (after a c-sec five yrs ago with DS1 due to 'failure to progress') and was going quite normally until his little heart rate dropped suddenly and we were rushed in to theatre. He was whipped out as fast as poss. I'm still absolutely stunnned at how brilliant and efficient the hospital staff were - not just getting everything done asap but being kind and reassuring to us at the same time. He is absolutely fine. The rest of the op was a bit complex with a lot of blood loss and probs with my bladder but all irrelevant in the scale of things because DS2 is fine and with us.

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Buda · 08/03/2009 10:33


belgo · 08/03/2009 10:33

congratulations! What's his name?

And I hope you recover quickly, it sounds like you've taken a bit of a battering.

Cies · 08/03/2009 10:36

Congratulations! Hope you heal well. Do you have a name?

WelliesAndPyjamas · 08/03/2009 10:41

Thanks all

His name is Gwilym Alexander.

His first name (pronounced Gwilim) is welsh for William and was my great grandfather's name. Alexander is another family name - DH's grandfather.

OP posts:
Cies · 08/03/2009 10:43

Lovely name.

belgo · 08/03/2009 10:45

very good names

WelliesAndPyjamas · 10/03/2009 13:41


none of the names on our shortlist seemed quite right once he'd arrived so they were discarded. Then we started thinking about these family names and they seemed to suit him much better.

OP posts:
fingermousey · 12/03/2009 15:36

Hi there, congratulations and well done for going for a vbac!

I wondered if you'd mind me asking about the bladder problems. It's just I've had bladder problems from my second caesarean and I seem to be the only one. I really admire your attitude I've been a complete mess about it

ChocEclair · 12/03/2009 16:31

Oh congratulations wellies! I'll let the other Bonkers ladies know you are a proud Mummy and all is well.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

HumphreysCorner · 12/03/2009 18:18

Oh that is just wonderful news Wellies. Congratulations to the Wellies family.


WelliesAndPyjamas · 14/03/2009 18:57


Fingermousy - apparently they found it was stuck to my uterus and in a 'strange' place. But tbh, since they unstuck it and moved it during this c-sec, I have never peed as well as I do now!! It's been like having an mot!

OP posts:
OracleInaCoracle · 14/03/2009 19:05

wow, just wanted to say congrats!!!!!! xxxx

WelliesAndPyjamas · 14/03/2009 19:10

Thanks lissie xx (pics on FB btw)

OP posts:
fingermousey · 15/03/2009 09:43

Thank you so much for replying WelliesAndPyjamas. Mine too was stuck to my uterus I wonder if mine is now stuck somewhere not good Did they say if you could have more children? I have been warned not to have any more due to my bladder problems.

I am so pleased to hear your bladder is feeling much better!

WelliesAndPyjamas · 15/03/2009 14:26

Very sorry to hear you've been told that
They only told me that I would need an elective c-sec if we decide to have more kids.

Are they going to ultrasound you (or whatever can be done) to find out how things are inside?

OP posts:
fingermousey · 15/03/2009 17:36

Noone's mentioned an ultrasound, I hadn't thought of that. I wonder if that might be a good idea - I will mention it.

Once again, thank you so much for getting back to me.

Did they say why you'd have to have an elective? Is it just because you've had two c-sections now?

Sorry, lots of questions, you can ignore me if I'm going on ;)

TheMadHouse · 15/03/2009 18:04

Congratualtions and lovley names.

Califrau · 15/03/2009 18:07

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Themasterandmargaritas · 15/03/2009 18:21

Oh Wellies, I missed this last week, many, many congratulations, what lovely news. I'm sure you are all enjoying your new arrival.

WelliesAndPyjamas · 15/03/2009 19:11

oh thanks cali, maragaritas, and madhouse lovely to hear from you

fingermousey - the elective c-sec was recommended (I think) because the first time I didn't progress enough to have a natural birth (8cm after 26 hours). This time there was the the obvious problem of his heart rate dropping but they could already see that although labour was loads better this time, it was heading the same way as before - I had extremely regular and close together contractions but hadn't got beyond 5cm after another long time. However... this was explained to me as they I was on the op table being sown back together so I may have missed or misunderstood part of the explanation!!

cali I'm a bit but I still have a parcel of coins ready to send your DS. It's been ready to go since last year sometime and has even crosed a continent with me. I promise I really will send it now that I am getting a bit more mobile!

OP posts:
fingermousey · 16/03/2009 07:13

thank you Wellies I really appreciate your replies.

Guitargirl · 20/03/2009 17:39

Many congratulations Wellies!!

Welcome to baby Gwilym!! Would you believe that was on our shortlist of names for DD before we found out she was girl!

Hope you are all enjoying getting to know each other!

WelliesAndPyjamas · 22/03/2009 13:23

Thanks GG (you have good taste in baby names )

Definitely enjoying every minute. I think I can safely say that I am smitten. Sigh!

OP posts:
MmeLindt · 25/03/2009 22:21

Oh, I missed this.

Congratulations, and welcome to Gwilym Alexander.

Fab name.

WelliesAndPyjamas · 26/03/2009 08:45

Thanks MmeLindt

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