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Lotster had a little baby girl..

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Lotster · 03/03/2009 18:00


I'll probably only be recognised on here by a couple of peeps, but am feeling very proud and wanted to announce my 2nd child, a little baby girl.

Her name is Mabel and she was born by Elec C/S (needed due to an epic, traumatic birth and recovery with my son!) on Friday, so she is 4 days old. Having had a bouncing eight and a half pounder first time round, we were all shocked when she popped a tiny 6 pounds 3 ounces! She lost 10% of birth weight within a day or so, but had regained and added an extra ounce and a half already, this LO knows how to work the booby.

I am so in love, this time round I am lapping up the sleep deprivation and sore nipples with a huge smile, and trying not to stroke all her hair off...

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MrsMattie · 03/03/2009 18:02

Ah, lovely! Congrats. Enjoy this period of cuddles and snuggles and feeding. So lovely

Lotster · 03/03/2009 21:18


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thisisyesterday · 03/03/2009 21:26

congratulations! what a lovely name too
well done

Wheelybug · 03/03/2009 22:02

Congratulations ! Love the name.

I think we 'spoke' re consultants at Kingston - did your booked consultant deliver in the end ? Am due there any day now.....

Lotster · 04/03/2009 09:51

Hi there, thanks ladies! Wheely- Yes he did, and although it was a bit daunting just as they were prepping me in theatre, the op itself was straightforward, didn't feel a thing and everyone was lovely. They all knew from my notes i'd had a rough ride before and really tried to put me at ease. Must say the midwives there are so so nice, very different to my inner city hosp experience. Let us know how you get on! X

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Wheelybug · 04/03/2009 10:33

Glad it all went well. I have high regard for Kingston (just hope they live up to it this time round !).

Have until 23rd to get this baby out of its own accord or I am to be sectioned (maybe in more ways than 1 ).

Enjoy your daughter (once the sleep deprivation wears off).

JustKeepSwimming · 06/03/2009 18:23


All sounds lovely & loved-up, enjoy

Lotster · 06/03/2009 20:41

Thankyou, getting more tired, but still loved up!

Good luck Wheely.

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dinkystinky · 08/03/2009 18:50

Congratulations Lotster - v pleased that your little lady arrived safe and sound. Hope you're babymooning like crazy and she's starting to put on weight again...

Lotster · 12/03/2009 18:07

Thanks Dinky! Not checked in here for a while as have been far too busy mooning..

She was weighed Monday and was 6 pounds 11 oz - so half a pound up from birthweight already. Midwife said she was surprised such a little lady could get so much milk from me but she's determined! As my poor sore nips will testify, oh well...

Hope all's well with you and your newest LO too.

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 12/03/2009 18:08

How lovely. Congratulations, lotster.

Pinkmarshmallow · 06/04/2009 11:35

I certainly remember you, Lotster, and all that advice you gave me re. PGP!
CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy your LO!

Pinkmarshmallow · 06/04/2009 11:37

P.S. I think our DDs have the same DOB!

Lotster · 22/04/2009 19:11

Sorry only just seen this Pink, what a coincidence! Hope your pgp is ok. My little bird-like baby is getting a big fatty now! She's went from 6lbs 3 to 11lbs 5 at last count, which was the day before she turned 7 weeks! And from 9th percentile to, er, 75th! So hoping my own pgp continues to recover faster than she's gaining...

OP posts:
cyteen · 24/04/2009 11:24

You won't know me but I've read your experiences with your DS the first time round and I am so so pleased that everything went so smoothly for you this time! Congratulations on your baby girl, hope you are all enjoying each other to the max

Lotster · 24/04/2009 18:26

That's so lovely, thankyou. Your profile made me laugh as i am mostly covered in dog hair!

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