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No longer a Beantin as Bean has arrived!

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Beantin · 22/02/2009 19:19

Baby Luc finally arrived last Wednesday morning! Thanks to all of you who were helping me on MN Monday evening when he decided to start making an entrance. It was really much appreciated and I was really grateful. Am now looking forward to the new sections of MN that will have opened up to me now as a mummy

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twoluvlykids · 22/02/2009 19:20


belgo · 22/02/2009 19:20

congratulations nice name

trixymalixy · 22/02/2009 19:23


ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 23/02/2009 08:07

Congratulations, and welcome to baby Luc.

Cies · 23/02/2009 08:14


twocutedarlings · 23/02/2009 08:18

Congratulations Beatin - but we need more details!!! birth story ................please xx

Beantin · 25/02/2009 13:52

Long, long and not much fun......that's about all I need to say....

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