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ButIForgetMyself will not forget the 3rd January 2009...

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ButIForgetMyself · 18/01/2009 22:46

... as that is when DD was born

Woke at 4.30am the day before with stomach and back pains - was overdue by 3 days at this point. They didn't wear off as the day went on, so had a feeling something was kicking off. By teatime I was having mild contractions, put the TENS machine on, phoned the hospital at 8.30pm, they told me if they became more painful or if my waters broke to phone back.

Waters broke an hour later at 9.35pm, on the living room carpet.

Arrived at hospital at 10.30pm, didn't get examined until 11.30pm, I was only 2cm dilated but waters had meconium in so was put into high dependency.

Contractions stepped up pretty quickly, had gas and air (great) and two lots of Meptid (crap) and within three hours of first being examined I was 8cm dilated, and in tremendous pain, and screaming that I wanted to die, and can I please have a f**cking epidural now because I am tired and cannot take any more pain.

Finally got epidural at 3.30am, against advice of midwife who thought I was going great guns without it and warned me it would slow things right down. Was fully dilated around now.

It did, and I managed to get some rest until 7.30am when the next shift's midwife got me pushing.

After an hour and a half, nothing had happened, so I was taken down to theatre, given a spinal and they had a go with forceps. Nothing happened, so had to go for emergency CS, which was a bizarre experience, and something I hadn't wanted at all, but by this point I was too tired/ out of it to be too upset. And then I heard her cry - and the theatre staff flashed her bits at us so we knew she was a girl - and our DD Isobel Eleanor made her way into the world at 10.15am on Saturday 3rd January, weighing 6lb 14oz.

Apparently my coxsics bends into my birth canal, forming a kind of speed bump that she couldn't get past, so the CS was very necessary.

She's beautiful, and perfect, and I've put some pictures on my profile. She had a few problems with pooing, and she had jaundice, and there's still an issue that her anterior fontanelle may be too small, but she's doing fantastically well, and we love her to bits.

The first few days were bizarre - I was incredibly attractive - from the feet up (TMI alert):
surgical stockings
bruises on thighs from Meptid injections
catheter and portable handbag full of wee
sore bum from suppositories
stitches from failed forceps
sleeping in a pool of my own blood, unable to sit myself up in bed
CS wound
IV drips in both hands
sexy hospital gown
bleeding nipples
bags under eyes
no make-up
hair unwashed for days

and I still managed to get myself proposed to three days later

(I said yes)

OP posts:
ShambolicBaby · 18/01/2009 22:49


on the baby, looking amazing and the engagement!!!

moondog · 18/01/2009 22:53

Blimey, sounds hellish but congratulations on both counts!!

MrsMattie · 18/01/2009 22:56

Oh, bless you both! Welcome to the world Isobel. Hope you are both well. Get plenty of rest xxx

ButIForgetMyself · 19/01/2009 18:32

I fell asleep last night before I had time to upload photos - but now there are pictures of Isobel on my profile page

OP posts:
belgo · 19/01/2009 18:35

congratulations! and what a lovely ending

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory · 19/01/2009 19:11

Congratulations on both counts!

Ledodgy · 19/01/2009 19:16

Well done and Huge congratulations. My ds was one on 3rd January.

Cies · 19/01/2009 19:18

Congrats! Welcome to the world Isobel Eleanor (lovely names).

Biglips · 19/01/2009 19:20

aww thats so sweet!!

(and congrats to you all)

BennyAndJoon · 19/01/2009 19:24

congrats and congrats


ranirani · 21/01/2009 21:12

SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

largeginandtonic · 22/01/2009 13:55


Lulumama · 23/01/2009 07:32

congratulations on getting through what sounds like a dificult birth.. and welcome to Isobel. and congratulations on your engagement, what a rollercoaster !!

Frasersmum123 · 27/01/2009 10:59

Congratulations, and your baby girls looks a real sweetie.

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