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Largeginandtonic has lucky number 7

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largeginandtonic · 18/01/2009 02:04

I woke at 430 with pains every 5 mins but had done so for days so ignored it. By 5 they were a bit worse and i went on to all fours, dh woke up. He went to make a cup of tea but tbh i was still dubious it was actually labour. No sooner had he left i got up and stood on the plastic sheet laid out in our room and had a huge bloody show. So deffo labour i thought

Called calmly yelled dh back to help, nice jammas ruined i thought! Went down to the front room and dh called midwife then his mum. Pain had me stomping all over the place and rocking. Midwives (2 and a student) arrived about 6ish. TENS on.

Paced alot, examined at just before 7, 4-5cm membranes bulging. G&A fab.Midwife popped waters flipped over so on hands and knees over couch. Fully dilated within a few contractions, lost plot.

MIL arrived as Beau woke, all others awake and listening upstairs!. Told dh to remind mil to make lunchboxes I had also sent him out the room to soak my jamma bottoms!! Clearly labour madness.

Pushed huge girl out at 725, it hurt alot and i cried and clinged to dh. I remember every bit of each stage. They had to pull her shoulders out, she was chunky.

DH took her to meet all the children before they left for school, Hugs had heard me crying and was a bit upset but has been ok. Beau keeps saying "Wow, a BABY" The others are all smitten

She feeds wiith the force of a very strong dyson and has me blistered already. The after pains are hideous i want the gas and air back!

India is very, very sweet, the children have all hugged her. I am so glad it is over. There will be no repeat performance

OP posts:
CharCharGabor · 18/01/2009 02:07


Paperchase · 18/01/2009 02:26


Lovely name

Buda · 18/01/2009 02:59

Oh how lovely! Congratulations!

Lovely name.

Swap you for our new puppy who is so terrified he is hiding under my car in the garage and has been for the last 9 hours??

mymama · 18/01/2009 06:34

Congratulations . Love the name.

lol at soaking jamma bottoms.

nailpolish · 18/01/2009 06:59

LG&T you are fabulous! very well done

congratulations sweetie

nailpolish · 18/01/2009 06:59

India is a great name btw

AbricotsSecs · 18/01/2009 07:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Madmentalbint · 18/01/2009 07:38

Well done you - and welcome to the world little India

kayzr · 18/01/2009 07:41

India is such a beautiful name!

fymandwhenisthisbabycoming · 18/01/2009 07:42

congratulations lg&t

oooggs · 18/01/2009 08:03

fantastic news LG&T - can't wait til you are down again and I can see your precious bundle

TheMadHouse · 18/01/2009 08:20

Congratulations, love the name and can not wait to see pictures.

Oh and did the stains come out?

Diege · 18/01/2009 12:20

Many congratulation on the birth of India(beautiful name) xx

Lulumama · 18/01/2009 12:23

gorgeous ! welcome India.. what a lovely name, love your birth story.. made me go all tingly.. what did she wiegh?

compo · 18/01/2009 12:25

what a lovely birth annoucement congrats to all the family

nailpolish · 18/01/2009 12:30

LG&T come on with the photos!

are you still coming up north at easter?

NewAmazingBeginning · 18/01/2009 12:32


Well done you and all your family.

largeginandtonic · 18/01/2009 12:36

9lb 5oz Lulu bit of a tight squeeze the midwife said.

The jammas came clean

OP posts:
MKG · 18/01/2009 12:40

So when do we get to see a picture?

Ledodgy · 18/01/2009 12:47

Huge Congrats!

largeginandtonic · 18/01/2009 12:48

Pics on profile.

OP posts:
Lulumama · 18/01/2009 12:48

is she your biggest baby?

love the 'no repeat performance', as if
cazboldy · 18/01/2009 12:49

Many Congraulations to you all!

aGalChangedHerName · 18/01/2009 12:50

Beautiful pics and India is yummy. Ohhh i want another one

nailpolish · 18/01/2009 12:50

9lb 5oz OUCH!

great pic LG&T - she looks lively!

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