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KerryJ's birth announcement...Toby is here!

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KerryJ · 29/03/2005 22:11

Toby was born on 27 March (his due date!) at 10.03pm, at home in the birthing pool. Weighed in at 7lbs 11.5oz and has loads of black spiky hair.

Had a watery pink 'show' on Saturday morning, and mild period type pains all day. I was woken a few times Sat night with mild contractions, but nothing even remotely like the 'real thing' (so I thought!). These continued all day Sunday. Went out for a meal with the family at 5pm, and as contractions were a little more painful by now, Rowan, my ds stayed at my parents house. At about 8.45pm dh persuaded me to callthe midwife to let her know things were happening (contrax about 5 mins apart now but still not unbearable). I'd just had a bath and stuck the TENS machine on, thinking I was perhaps 3-4cm dilated by this point. Well. she arrived at 9.20pm and I was 7cm dilated!! I was completely amazed, as was she - she couldn't believe how 'happy' I was given how far things had progressed. She hadn't even brought any of her kit in, as she expected to go back home and return later in the night!! Hey, just call me a tough nut, I can handle it !

Shortly afterwards the contractions were coming one on top of the other and I was feeling 'pushy'. I had a moment of complete unreality as I felt something pop out from between my legs, which turned out to be the bag of waters, which promply broke all over the living room floor (thank goodness we have wooden floorboards!), so I leapt into the birth pool (after electrocuting dh and midwife with the TENS!!) and after an 8 minute 2nd stage, out he popped!!! Talk about shocked. It was the most surreal and empowering experience ever - I went into complete "Buddhist Monk" meditation mode and only actually pushed once - to get his body out. His head was born completely without effort from me, my body just took over. No tears or stitches atall!

I got out of the pool to deliver the placenta, which arrived after about 20 minutes. The second midwife arrived at this point. We were all in a state of bewilderment (midwife included) and on a high at how easily things had happened!

I would recommend a homebirth to anyone. DH was fairly anti when I first brought the subject up at about 1 second pregnant but is now a true convert. It was soooo lovely to all be able to snuggle up in bed together afterwards, rather than dh be bundled out of an unwelcoming post-natal ward into the night!

OP posts:
MunchedTooManyMarsLady · 29/03/2005 22:12


oooggs · 29/03/2005 22:12

FANTASTIC!!! welcome to Toby

SPARKLER1 · 29/03/2005 22:15

Wow. Congratulations. That's the way to do it. Welcome to the world Toby.
PMSL at the "electrocution"

Aero · 29/03/2005 22:16

sounds lovely - congratulations and welcome to little Toby - love that name.

moondog · 29/03/2005 22:16

Lovely story Kerry!!
Lol at you electrocuting the help!!
Great name. Enjoy your new baby.

QueenEagle · 29/03/2005 22:19

Sounds like you had a fantastic experience. Congrats to you all and a big welcome to baby Toby. Enjoy! xxx

pupuce · 29/03/2005 22:23

Well done Kerry Lovely story!!!
You seem to have experienced the fetus ejection reflex

roosmum · 30/03/2005 10:07

fab birth story...congrats & welcome to little Toby

Philly · 30/03/2005 22:18

Congratul;ations!I also have a Toby,he's 11 now but your story brought back the day he was born.the last 11 yeaars have truly been the hardest but most rewarding adn happiest of my life and i am sure taht your Toby will bring as much joy to you~!

bubble99 · 30/03/2005 22:42

At last! Some new male mini- musnetters. We seem to have had loads of girls lately. Nice to hear of a new, blue, loud, shouty boy to add to the mix.
Congratulations KerryJ. May Toby bring you much joy.

hana · 30/03/2005 23:43

what a lovely way to enter our world! lots of congratulations to you and your little baby boy!

bonym · 31/03/2005 12:10

Wonderful birth story KerryJ - many congratulations and a big welcome to Toby

Socci · 31/03/2005 12:51

Message withdrawn

Leogaela · 31/03/2005 13:59

Congratulations again KerryJ! i really love the name Toby, ds was almost a Toby!

Pidge · 06/04/2005 17:35

What a brilliant story! Isn't birthing in a pool at home amazing. Congratulations.

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