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My birthstory, just in case anyones bored, lol (disenchanted)

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DisenchantedPlusBump · 27/12/2008 22:10

Dec 23rd, 11am...

I had a midwives appointment at which I was told I may have a big baby, I decided to ask for a sweep for the third week running as I didn't want the baby cooking for longer if she was big!

Midwife was 'umming and ahhhing' as i was only 39+5, but as I had SPD and started to cry she agreed

She examined me and I was already 2-3 cm dialted, cervix was central and she gave me a very rough sweep! She said she felt as if she had actually dialted me 2cm at the time, lol.

So I left and started having 'period cramps' and backache immediatly.

I went home to find some blood and mucas and continued to have a show all day.

I had a busy day and went shpping, kept walking about and tidying up. My mum and sister were down and were helping me tidy up.

At about 8pm the pains were getting more contraction-like but still very 'braxton hicksy' so told my mum to go home as nothing may happen, so she did.

I was just sitting on my birth ball and walking about. by about 10pm was having mild contractions but very irregular and not very sore.

At about midnight I started to have strong contractions, I told DH who promptly crapped himself and wanted to call the midwife, but I told him to wait, but he phoned anyway (he was terrified of delivering a baby after he watched a homebirth diary where a woman gave birth in 15 minutes! lol)

So whilst he was on the phone they reallykicked in.

Phoned my mum and sister who arrived at about 12.30, midwife shortly after.

At this point i was kneeling over the couch and was actually having very strong contractions and was shaking.

The midwife arrived and examined me, i was still 2-3 cm , the same as that morning when I had the sweep.

I wasn't too phased and the midwife said to 'walk about' or 'have a bath or sleep'

unfortunatly that meant that i couldnt get in the birth pool as a midwife needed to be there and i had to be 5cms first.

So she left at about 2am.

I just wandered about. It was the worst labour I have had because Ive always been in the pool floating and this time i was wandering all over the house trying to get comfy and I couldn't I just felt like it was never ending!

I got in the bath for 20 mins but then wanted out,

I really struggled.

At 5am I asked what time it was because I was starting to get those 'pushy pains' when i was stood in the kitcen.

The midwife was phoned and I wanted to lie down,

I got on the couch and lay down, the pain was really bad. I was clinging to DH but trying to stay calm.

The midwife arrived at about 5:30am and I told her i was feeling like I wanted to push soon.

She seemed skeptical and wanted to examine me, I think she thought i would only be about 4 cms.

I was 8-9cms.

About 20 mins later I started to push.

My waters still hadn't gone.

The urge wasn't that big at first and I was scared so I wasn't really trying to push too much but then the head decended and I really needed to,

I felt the head starting to crown and the pressure was IMMENSE.

I asked the midwife to break the waters as it was just too much.

But after 2 more pushes she still hadn't

The next push i juts felt I wanted her out so gave it all i had and her head came out still in the waters.

I freaked.

My mum jumped up and was holding my face and my DH was holding my arms, i may have been screaming!

in the same contraction the waters burstand she came flying out.

It was so fast and so weird, ill never forget it.

so she came out with a bang, literally!

We had skin to skin and it was lovely

No stitches, just a small tear and some grazing. Baby is fab, 8lb 5 and gorgeous.

I feel great

but will never have another one!! lol

pics on profile

OP posts:
Hassled · 27/12/2008 22:14

So it was a Christmas Day baby? Or was she born on Christmas Eve? Congratulations - is there a name yet?

lou031205 · 27/12/2008 22:15

Can I be the first to congratulate you? Well done, she is beautiful!!

Frizbe · 27/12/2008 22:18

Congratulations sorry about the lack of nice birthing pool, makes it all so much nicer!

singyswife · 27/12/2008 22:18

Congratulations and what a beautiful name.

Hassled · 27/12/2008 22:20

Just looked at profile - a gorgeous name.

MatNanPlusTINSEL · 27/12/2008 22:20

Wow, lovely story

treedelivery · 27/12/2008 22:21

Ooooo Congrats!! Really unusual to have a term baby born 'in the bag' and a wonderful protected experience for the baby - totally cocooned. You should be really really pleased and proud of yourself.

off to check out the pics.

beanieb · 27/12/2008 22:24

Oh that picture is great. Congratulations.

MrsMattie · 27/12/2008 22:25

Congrats! Beautiful name -almost used itmyself last month!fx

solidgoldstuffingballs · 27/12/2008 22:25

There are plenty of myths across various cultures that a child born 'in the bag' will be lucky/special etc, which may be something pleasing and fun to share with your DD as she grows up, whether or not you take such things seriously (basically if you do it's a good omen, if you don't it's a fun piece of cultural history).

DisenchantedPlusBump · 27/12/2008 22:28


DS2 was born in the bag too but in the pool so i didn't 'feel it' as much

she was born christmas eve morning, not christmas day.

OP posts:
DisenchantedPlusBump · 27/12/2008 22:30

heres some better pics :)

OP posts:
MatNanPlusTINSEL · 27/12/2008 22:33

Brilliant photos.

treedelivery · 27/12/2008 22:34

Yeah - they are meant to bring luck and riches in India I think. Fabbo you will be loaded if you had 2 that way!

Pics lovely.

Lulumamaloveslatkes · 29/12/2008 10:29

great birth story ! sounds like yuo coped very well...being born in the caul is v v lucky.. sailors would buy them as it was supposed to protect you from drowning...

NorthernLurkerwithastarontop · 29/12/2008 11:52

Congratulations - you have my sympathy dd3's waters didn't break till the very last minute and the pressure was awful - thought I was going to burst!

belgo · 29/12/2008 11:56

Congratulations! And well done for writing your birth story - ds is 11 weeks now and I still haven't written his birth story!

My waters didn't break until the last push with both ds and my dd2.

ScummyMummy · 29/12/2008 12:08

She's beautiful. Congratulations.

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