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RhinestoneCowgirl has a new DD

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RhinestoneReindeerHerder · 23/12/2008 19:03

Verity arrived at just before 6 this morning weighing just shy of 8lb. Wonderful calm homebirth (apart from a teensy bit of a swear from the 'serene' birthing mother whilst in transition).

Waters broke at midnight and contractions started after about an hour. Managed cx with TENS and a lot of mooing until about 5.20 when things became v intense and I started insisting that I couldn't do it and I wanted to stop. A good vomit later and I started to feel a bit pushy. Then my body just took over and she was out in just a few pushes.

She latched on pretty much straight away and has been feeding eagerly ever since - much easier than 1st time round. DS came down at about 8am to meet his new sister.

Whole family in a wonderful hormonal fug of happiness

p.s. community mw was fantastic and just let me get on with it.

OP posts:
aGalChangedHerName · 23/12/2008 19:05

Posted on July thread but lovely to read of your fab birth!!

Any pics?

Wallace · 23/12/2008 19:25

Congratulations, that is so fabulous. Really, really happy for you

Lulumamaloveslatkes · 23/12/2008 19:27

how wonderful !! congratulations on a marvellous homebirth, welcome to verity, gorgeous name. enjoy her and have a wonderful Xmas x

MustHaveaVeryShortMemory · 23/12/2008 22:26

Congratulations, that's a lovely story. You make it sound so easy! No G&A? Wow!

LaDiDaDi · 23/12/2008 22:28

Congratulations on the birth of Verity . Merry Xmas xxx

TheChristmasArmadillo · 23/12/2008 22:30


well done you.

I am pleased for you.

Glad the birth went well.

Best christmas present I'm guessing

Hulababy · 23/12/2008 22:31


EffiePerine · 23/12/2008 22:53

Congratulations! Fab name as well

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