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Has anybody heard from CantSleepWontSleep?

7 replies

anorak · 06/10/2008 22:46

She went in today to be induced.

OP posts:
dizzywitches · 06/10/2008 22:48

thats the last I'd heard too anorak - was popping on to see if there was any news

hope he's playing nice for her

anorak · 07/10/2008 20:01

Any news anyone?

OP posts:
dizzywitches · 07/10/2008 20:02

nothing on the GD thread either

AnAngelWithin · 19/10/2008 15:55

any news?

AnAngelWithin · 19/10/2008 15:56

ignore that i found it! DOH!

Phoenix · 19/10/2008 16:35

How the hell did anyone miss csws's live labour thread?

AnAngelWithin · 19/10/2008 16:36

im not around as much as i used to be!! i miss far too much of the action on here! lol

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