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Dull Belly ache - your advice! BH or Labour???????

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LikerabbitsBX · 29/06/2008 12:49

Hi Ladies!

Dont often write many posts but thought I would this time as I need your advice!

I am 36+2 and last night could not sleep at all, I then started to experience a really bad ache of my belly...continuois to the point I just couldnt sleep. I literally thought this is rude in the middle of the night! lol

Hubby was dead to the world so just walked around most of the night hoping it would calm. Eventually by 4am it kinda stopped I was also really tired and eventually dropped off to sleep.

Woke up no pain, I thought great! However the pain is starting again.

This is my 2nd baby but it was 9 years ago when I had my first so being honest I have totally forgotten what braxton hicks/contractions feel like or start like. lol I am pants I know!

I just wanted to ask any of you ladies if you had experienced dull belly ache pain and found out you were experiencing labour and had your baby after this or did you feel BH like this? My stomach tightens etc and it feels really uncomfortable.

Any thoughts??

OP posts:
frazzledbutcalm · 29/06/2008 12:53

I had braxton hicks from about 28 weeks. By 36 weeks they were so strong and regular the hospital said i was in labour! I knew i wasnt but my stomach tightened as it does with 'proper' contractions. They also came very regularly (between 4 and 15 minutes) all day, every day! Just keep an eye on yourself, you'll know when its full blown labour! You've probably heard that loads but it really is true.

littleboyblue · 29/06/2008 12:56

I started with pains in my lower back. Was told that's how labour starts and then moves forward to your stomach.
Braxton Hicks aren't supposed to hurt, just be uncomfortable and can start as early as 6 weeks but normally isn't felt till much later.
Have you phoned the lbour ward to run this by a midwife? I'd do that, see what they say

Niecie · 29/06/2008 12:59

Where exactly is the pain? I had a very low continuous pain with DS2 which felt like I had bladder infection or something. Turns out I was in labour then but it didn't get going for a while.

Is your tummy upset at all?

If you are worried I would phone the midwife and explain to her, see what she says.

LikerabbitsBX · 29/06/2008 13:07

It feels like a belly ache in waves. I have been experiencing more back pain in the last day or so and also a little bit of pelvic pain.

Th LO is moving fine. It feels like a stomach ache but not internal (IYSWIM) like I can just feel the out side of my belly ache????

I will give it more time see what happens! lol My mum gave birth to me and my siblings at 37 weeks, however with my first I gave birth at 40+3.

OP posts:
frazzledbutcalm · 29/06/2008 13:11

With dc2 i had mild labour pains from 8am. They were mild but enough that i couldnt walk while having 1. Then from 5.30pm they were full blown! Got to hospital to find i was only 3cm. dd born at 8.10pm!
I think if they were real labour, even early stages, you'd have to stop what you were doing while having 1.

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