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Makecakes/flosspot has burst!

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makecakesnotwar · 22/05/2008 17:00

Cecily Jean Olivia born 12:55 pm on 18th May 2008 weighing 7lbs 1oz.

Birth story....with apologies for the length!

Induced on Wednesday night and given 8mg of Prostin in five doses over 48 hours, none of which worked and all of which, because of SPD increasingly painful. Had a big chat with the (Indian Dale Winton-esque) registrar on Saturday morning about next steps: go home, start again or C-section, and given 24 hours to rest. DH bought in Chinese food that evening to cheer me up and whilst eating it, felt I needed the loo. Made it just in time (using Zimmer frame to walk by this point in pregnancy) and felt a gush that I just knew wasn?t wee. I actually laughed at the implausibility and called for mum to tell midwife. Waters continued to gush- gross sensation- but no contractions after two hours so I was dispatched to the delivery ward to get hooked up to Syntocin drip. Sent DH home to sleep and got the first epidural, which four hours later we discovered wasn?t working when they had to peel me from the ceiling (SPD pain- so strong I was vomiting when I wasn?t screaming). The second one did work but after such a stressful two hours it was hard to get back to sleep. I was 4cm at 7am, and S came in, then fully dilated by 11, given an hour to sleep and started pushing at 12. She was born at 12:55. I am very proud of my pushing ability- they were worried because her heart rate kept decelerating, so I had to get her out fast, and was given a Ventouse and episiotomy, which meant I had to use the stirrups. She was delivered onto my tummy then whisked away as she was quite blue and not crying very well. DH held her whilst I was stitched up then I finally got to meet my little girl. Sadly she was then whisked away to SCBU because of her low Apgars and blood gases, so DH went with her and I was transferred to my room. Thankfully she came back pretty soon, though with a catheter, but after 24 hours we got to go home.
It probably sounds odd, given that I had a lot of intervention, but I am really happy with my birth. I genuinely don?t feel I would have chosen a different way of doing things, and quite frankly the end result was the most important thing.

OP posts:
MamaG · 22/05/2008 18:32

Congratulations, Cecily a lovely name

Lulumama · 22/05/2008 19:10

welcome to cecily jean olivia, beautiful names ! congratulations on her arrival, sounds like a bit of a rollercoaster.. make sure you rest and enjoy your babymoon x

gillydaffodil · 23/05/2008 14:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

kando · 25/05/2008 11:49

Congratulations! What beautiful names (although slightly biased as I have an Olivia!) I LOVE the picture of you and Cecily snuggling up! Enjoy your precious wee girl x

lackaDAISYcal · 25/05/2008 11:53

fantastic news makecakes

sounds like a bit of an ordeal, but I'm glad you feel OK with it all.

welcome to the world Cecily......lovely name

Tigerschick · 25/05/2008 11:54

Hi Makecakes, I remember you from the ttc boards!
Congratulations - beautiful name for a beautiful little girl.

lackaDAISYcal · 25/05/2008 14:54

just had a look at your pics.....she is gorgeous

and you look radiant.........knackered, but radiant

lulu1414 · 26/05/2008 16:41

wow! Well done. We have been chatting on different forums for awhile and I'm so pleased for you. Enjoy the first days together!

sweetkitty · 30/05/2008 15:38

congratulations makescakes enjoy getting to know your little Cecily

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