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Baiyu's baby is here!

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baiyu · 14/05/2008 11:58

Ok, here's my long winded story...

It turned out that my hind waters had gone as I suspected. My midwife didn't seem worried when I told her I was 'leaking', it was actually a childbirth thread that made me suspect, good old mumsnet! I got in touch with the head of the midwifery and then was sent to Inverness for observation. Bit annoyed that my own midwife didn't even realise that there could have been a problem, just a warning to others, trust your instincts! After 5 days with no hindwaters infection is a big risk and she didn't plan to see me for 9 days after my due date!

Anyway, on Friday I had to stay in hospital, had a speculum examination and lots of prodding. On Saturday morning they woke me up and told me they were going to induce me. At 9am they put me in a hospital goonie, took me to the labour suite and started me on a drip. By 1 o'clock nothing had happened and the drip was up to the maximum amount. The midwife kept asking me if I had a very high pain threshold but I really wasn't feeling anything. They then broke my forewaters and suddenly everything started happening. I went from having no contractions to 4 in every 10 minutes. My TENS machine soon felt a bit useless I didn't really like the sensation and found it wasn't really helping me breathe and cope with contractions. Gas and Air was brilliant through, it really helped me. I also had one shot of diamorphine which was brilliant. As I was on a drip I wasn't allowed to eat anything all day so my energy levels were very low, the diamorphine gave me a bit of an easier time for a few hours which I really needed. I spent most of the time standing up holding on to the side of a raised up bed. My awareness of what happened towards the end of the first stage is a little shaky, I know there was a while when they were really worried when I stopped dilating, I think I only dilated one centimetre, between 7 and 8cm in a 4 hour period and they started muttering things about caesareans. Luckily things started happening again.

The second stage is also a bit of a blur I think just before that I was essentially unconscious between contractions and in a lot of pain. I wasn't really prepared for the realities of pushing, it was all a bit of a surprise! They got a bit scared again as I pulled my drip out my hand and things stopped. There wasn't time to get a new drip put in and my uterus had 'got tired' and stopped working. Somehow I pushed the head out and then I think they essentially had to tug him out.

The immediate afterbirth was a bit scary too, it suddenly went from two midwives in the room to four of them and two doctors (one of whom had left a patient anaesthetised in surgery to come and see me!) and they were giving me lots of injections and drips. I lost 700ml of blood apparently so that's why they were concerned. Also the baby didn't cry immediately but after a bit of help he soon did. I didn't manage skin to skin right after the birth but luckily DP did, I was still shaking and vomiting but after half an hour or so felt well enough to take my beautiful baby boy on my chest and say hello.

Finn was born just after midnight, 4 minutes into Sunday morning. We had to stay in hospital for another night as Finn had to be monitored in case of infection (due to the early breaking waters). Although I've just highlighted all the scary bis, I really did have a very positive experience. All of the midwives were absolutely wonderful, both during the birth and all the care on either side. Also DP was just fantastic, so supportive and amazing, I felt very well looked after throughout.

Now that Finn is here, I couldn't be happier, seeing my new little family all together is the happiest I've ever been

OP posts:
chrissnow · 14/05/2008 12:02

congratulations. I know just what you mean about the 'realities of pushing'. I was all fine and dandy until m/w told me to push. I was very "erm . . . push what exactly?" You soon get the hang of it though and just when you're getting really good . . . . baby!!
Good luck to you and your new family.

VictorianSqualor · 14/05/2008 12:15


luckymummy74 · 14/05/2008 13:18

Baiyu Awwww, just read your story, sounds a bit of a tough time but you did fab by the sounds of things. It almost brought a tear to my eye to read how happy you are with your family. I know exactly what you mean, I can honestly say that the happiest I have EVER been is in the days after my tow girls were born. I realise this is quite unusual, but I have been blessed with 2 very good babies who feed and sleep well (hence my new/old nickname).

God bless you all, and see you over on the May post-natal thread!!!

LM74 (GCG!!!)

podglet · 14/05/2008 13:35

Well done Baiyu, sounds tough but you did good! Can't wait to see pics of your lovely boy.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt · 14/05/2008 13:38

Congratulations on the birth of Finn

otter1980 · 14/05/2008 15:23

baiyu - congratulations on Finn, thank god you trusted your instincts and got to the hospital! very very - see you on the post natal thread when/if I ever get there!!!

sweetkitty · 14/05/2008 17:17

Aww you poor thing sounds like you had a rough time but well well worth it

congratulations and huge welcomes to little Finn

TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 14/05/2008 21:09

Gosh that sounded like hard work! Well done for your perseverance and welcome to Finn. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

And see you on post-natal thread. When I eventually get there!

pregnabrain · 14/05/2008 22:47

Congratulations! Sounds like you handled a very difficult situation really well. So pleased it all went well for you and you are enjoying your little boy.

Welcome to the world Finn.

1dilemma · 14/05/2008 22:49

Congratulations sounds like you did fantastically

lovely name too

dizzydixies · 14/05/2008 22:51

well done you and welcome wee Finn

sweetbean · 15/05/2008 07:55

Lovely ending for you Hun so glad that your DP was there with you and that you now have your beautiful family! xxxxxxx

Mitchell81 · 16/05/2008 21:50

Well done and welcome baby Finn

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