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Bobsmum has popped

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Bobsdad · 30/04/2008 02:33

Martha Victoria made her grand entrance earlier this evening ... 8lb 13oz. Everything went smoothly and faster than we were expecting. In fact she was out less than half an hour after we transferred from Assessment to the labour ward.

Bobsmum got by on a TENS machine and gas'n'air. There wasn't time to think about anything else. She is woman, and boy did she roar. In a very good way.

One extremely proud hubby and daddy-of-three, signing off and falling into bed.

OP posts:
Califrau · 30/04/2008 02:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ninedragons · 30/04/2008 03:41

On behalf of the night shift, congratulations!

MrsJohnCusack · 30/04/2008 04:59

Congratulations! and a lovely name. well done bobsfamily

AussieSim · 30/04/2008 05:08

Fantastic news - congratulations! Welcome Martha!

lilyloo · 30/04/2008 07:03

congrats !
Lovely name! (same as my dd 13 weeks)

kayzisexpecting · 30/04/2008 07:06

YAY!!! Thats fantastic!!


schneebly · 30/04/2008 07:14

Oh Congratulations! Fantastic news I am glad it all went well and you now have a beautiful new daughter with a beautiful name!

FAQ · 30/04/2008 07:44


Mitchell81 · 30/04/2008 08:18

Congratulations and welcome Baby Martha Victoria

brimfull · 30/04/2008 08:20

well done bobsmum

welcome to the world little Martha Victoria!

dizzydixies · 30/04/2008 08:21

will congratulate you on this thread too - you deserve it

PortAndLemon · 30/04/2008 08:24

Congratulations! I know bobsmum was a bit stressed over the hospital's VBAC policies, so it's particularly good to hear that everything went fast and smoothly.

Bobsdad · 30/04/2008 08:30

Thanks everyone.

In the end we needn't have worried, the midwife was much more relaxed about monitoring and birthing positions than the registrar had been. And seeing as everything went so well, and so quickly, we only ever saw the midwife.

OP posts:
Rhumba · 30/04/2008 13:10

Congratulations. glad it all went well. Sorry couldn't chat the other day (to Bobsmum)when we saw you but DS was in a bit of shock and v upset!

Enjoy loyts of cuddles and hope you have a good sleeper!!

Pinkchampagne · 30/04/2008 13:13

Congratulations on the birth of Martha. Lovely name!

Bobsdad · 30/04/2008 19:59

I'm told (by bobsmum) that Mumsnet protocol demands she come on this thread when she gets home and tells you all how it really happened, rather than the cut-down husband version of the tale I've given you.

We're hoping she'll be home tomorrow, so you may hear from her after that.

OP posts:
ladytophamhatt · 30/04/2008 20:01

Ohh Lovely!!


ShowOfHands · 30/04/2008 20:04

Fabulous. What a great name too. Can't wait to hear the full and very detailed description!

foxythesnowfox · 30/04/2008 20:09


Azaduhi · 01/05/2008 01:00

congratulations from the due may thread, glad that it went so fast and uncomplicated.

hoxtonchick · 01/05/2008 01:19


asicsgirl · 01/05/2008 09:38

Well done all of you!

podglet · 01/05/2008 11:44

Hurrah again from us all at the podglet house! Lovely name, looking forward to the longer version of events!

nailpolish · 01/05/2008 11:48

well done bobsmum

MarsLady · 01/05/2008 11:51


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