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mumofk's homebirth/bit of hypnobirthing story (long!)

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mumofk · 27/04/2008 13:23

The short version: DD2 born 6 am at home, 8lb 8 oz, Jasmine Elizabeth. 7 hour labour, started as soon as I got in from ?last? meal out with friends, around 11 pm. Labour started on my LMP due date, 2 days ahead of my scan due date.

The long version:

I was fully intent on posting on mumsnet while in labour but our internet went down, but I did use Victorian Squalour's contraction timer- that made me realise straight off these were regular contractions, started 13 mins apart and by 1 am were 3-4 mins. I let DH get a couple of hours sleep but got him up just after 1 initially, then he went bed for another hour and I was struggling by then. Hypnobirthing for me relied on reliable partner. My fab DH, who doesn't drink that much or that often, decided to have a glass of wine while I was out- that turned to a bottle and a bit . He did get up eventually, and I was distracted enough not to pick up on wine fumes, I only saw the empties that afternoon and put it together! So, I reckon we could have done more with the hypnobirthing, and I really regret not having a pool. I tried the bath but it's too small, and my legs were shaky so although using the shower was good, I couldn't relax enough.

This time though, the gas and air was FABULOUS! I started using it about 4.30, well after I'd got to 5/6 cm (only 1 VE), and it really helped me cope with the intensity. DH was giving me good support, but if I had been able to get into good hypnosis I should have done it earlier- he just wound me up trying to use the longer techniques. Makes me think at my last birth the G&A was heavy on the air.... DH was sick soon after I started using it this time, and recalled some bad experience at the dentists years ago.

I was quite sick just before midwife came, and she said she arrived 3.45 ish (DH rang up for me saying I was at the point of demanding G&A- I had the mouth peice but no cylinders). Midwife wanted to do VE before I got the g&a to make sure I was in established labour, and I really wanted some positive news that what I was experiencing was getting me somewhere! Thankfully it was.
I had got living room ready but spent most of the time, after DH up, upstairs to be handy for the loo- I kept needing to poo, but toilet was a horrible place for contractions for me.

Oh, my bump didn't drop at all until well into labour- DH thought it might not be 'real' when I first got him up as my bump was in the same place as always, quite high. And I?d taken an extra ranitidine about 3 am coz of the heartburn getting me, so I don?t think it?d dropped much by then.

Ended up in bathroom leaning over side of bath and gave birth there, after sending DH to get midwife back in the house. As soon as I felt pressure in back passage I told her, and she went to get her diary from the car to call 2nd midwife- but that was less than 10 mins before DD2 landed (6am on the dot apparently)! It all went very quickly then and all was a bit of a blur till she was out.
Hypnobirthing 'pushing' really helped me- I didn't quite do what I learned, but I was just breathing slowly and not bearing down until the very very end- one minor tear, no stitches and apparently she had her hand out first! Oh, and waters didn't go until nearly the end of pushing bit- it crossed my mind 'it' might be born in the caul. I felt a lot more sensations at the end than I did with DD1, presumably because last time I was exhausted, the pushing bit took ages and I assume doing it slowly numbs everything a bit. But then last time I ended up with 2nd degree tear, stitches and major bruising- the after effects from this birth are fabulous in comparison!

We waited till the cord stopped pulsing then mw cut cord, and had a natural 3rd stage whilst cuddling DD- it only took 20 mins. We also declined vit K- we got the AIMS leaflet which was really informative compared to what the hosp leaflet said. MW then checked me for damage while DH ran the bath, and 2nd midwife turned up in time to cuddle DD and help the first midwife. I got a lovely bath, DH did tea and toast all round, and DD was weighed and measured- lovely. The midwives tidied up, only a couple of towels got bloody but DH got them in the wash and I was in bed feeding by 7.30, and the midwives left.
A midwife and my GP were meant to check on us later that day, but we've been fine and the midwife came out the following day. We ended up going to the MLU so a midwife could do Jas?s new baby check- GP?s don?t come out at weekends and if we?d missed the midwife we could have waited hours for a paediatrician.
DD2 is feeding well, loads better than DD1 did, she was syringe fed the first day or so. And feeding often, so I have discovered the world of afterpains. All I can say is ouch! I got voltarol with stitches last time, and I bet that helped-paracetamol just isn?t that great. Hmm I?d love more G&A....
DD1 conveniently was at my parents for the night, and I?m so glad it happened that way. We had planned that DD1 would be shipped out to friend if she woke/ we had to transfer, but that would have been really hard for me while DH dealt with her. I was much more vocal this time, I expect I woke the neighbours, no way DD1 would sleep through that, and when I was loud I NEEDED DH.
DD1 came home 2.30 pm and sooo lovely when meeting her sister for the first time- held her hand, tucked her in, held her, and told us to put her to bed!

Oh something I'd only heard just in time, was my pal who's DS was 1 month early had the shakes all through labour. I got the shakes with each contraction, with the shakes starting before the pressure/pain. I was soo glad my pal told me (over our meal just before!) as I didn't panic so much, just got really annoyed with myself. It wasn?t something I?d heard of before.

Day 3 now, and feeding is going well, sleep is about 3 hours a day for me which is a bit hard, and I've got a cough/cold bug which isn't nice. DH is fabulous, DD1 is being great and DD2 is adorable, and we're onto yellow poo at last!

OP posts:
kando · 27/04/2008 13:40


goodcatholicgirl · 27/04/2008 13:51

Hi mumofk !! . I just read your whole story, sounds really good, and you did really well. I was just wondering where your DD was then I read that she was at grandparents (how convenient was that??!!). I am really pleased for you. I am just waiting on my lo anyday now (39+2). Please send it some 'get out!!' vibes!!!

Oh, and your DD is being really sweet with Jas.

Love to you all. Post some photos when you can.

GCG xxx

pinacolada82 · 27/04/2008 16:25

mumofk, well done! and hurrah for yellow poo

what is victoriansqualor's contraction timer?!

what a lovely quick labour, glad you got the home birth you wanted, and welcome to the world Jasmine Elizabeth!


ps did the midwife enjoy her exciting snacks?

otter1980 · 27/04/2008 16:35


sound like a wonderful experience! im so glad that you got the birth you wanted despite DH having had a glass or two of wine!!


Pina - here is the contraction timerhere

baiyu · 27/04/2008 16:36

Yay! well done! I'm not going to read any scary stories but yours was a lovely one. I'm having a midwife lead birth so hoping the G&A will be as good for me as it was for you. Congratulations.

pinacolada82 · 27/04/2008 16:50

wow thats great that (thanks otter) i didnt know they existed! x

sweetbean · 27/04/2008 17:40

Congratulations again MUMOFK xxxxxx

asicsgirl · 27/04/2008 19:51

Fab story mumofk, thanks for posting! Well done indeed. xx

podglet · 27/04/2008 20:11

Congrats again MumofK (time for that name change!) lovely story and lovely name

Now come on over to the post natal thread...

morocco · 27/04/2008 20:28


Azaduhi · 27/04/2008 21:58

congratulation hun...sounds so good your birth experience...hope mine will be similar.

i am gonna check out that timer thingy now.

pregnabrain · 28/04/2008 08:42

Many congratulations Mumofk. What a lovely birth story!

You've made me more determined to have mine at home.

Stick with us on the May 08 thread!

mumofk · 28/04/2008 10:32

pina- can you believe the exciting midwife snacks are still in the cupboard?!! She was only there about 2 hrs before Jasmine landed, and everyone busy then, and afterwards tea and toast was the call of the day- it was breakfast time!
Thanks otter for doing the link for the timer, and off to find post natal now......

OP posts:
asicsgirl · 28/04/2008 10:54

lol about the midwife biscuits x

pinacolada82 · 28/04/2008 15:44

well i hope your enjoying the exciting midwife snacks yourself now mumofk!! i think you deserve them! x

mumofk · 29/04/2008 05:30

Did I mention I only found my labour snacks the following day, but they've all gone ( mmmm love starmix!) midwife snacks won't last long now......

OP posts:
otter1980 · 29/04/2008 10:17

lol re midwife snacks, if she'd have realised she might have tried to slow you down...

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