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Baby Jimjams mark 3 eventually arrived

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Jimjams · 08/01/2005 18:13

Finally went into labour on 4th January. Arrived at hospital at about 9am - waters having broken and everything stopped. Was moved to the early labour suite and everything started again around lunchtime.

Contractions were getting quite painful but decided to try and hang on for a while as wanted to stay active (and hate gas and air). By 5 o clock it was clear not much was happening- cervix hadn't budged- not even effaced. The clock was ticking as my waters had broken at 8am, and labour couldn't be speeded up in any way (because of the 2 previous sections). So it was decided to go to section. Lovely anaesthetist and surgeon talked to me for ages - I told them how hideous I'd found the second section. Then had a 2 hour wait for blood test results- during which I got very cross as I was still having contractions every 4 or 5 mins which of course were pointless - so I got very cross about it all. Still dh, and my friend who was there as well were very supportive.

Got into the theatre to find that the anaesthetist had decided to wait to do me rather than go home when he finished his shift 2 hours earlier. The section was fine- much better than the second. It was found that the lower part of my uterus was "paper thin" and a real rupture risk so was glad not to have pushed it. It was all a bit of a mess so had the pleasure of 48 hours of iv antibiotics.

Little Louis was 8lb10oz and looked identical to his brothers. He's a sweet little thing, feeding well - just a bit nocturnal.

Bit of a long announcement - just in case anyone is interest in VBA2C. I don't regret trying as Louis was born at term and didn't have any of the problems ds2 had after the elective section. It was worth the go- and everything went to section before exhaustion set in. All very controlled. Would definitely recommend giving it a go.

OP posts:
karenanne · 08/01/2005 18:15

congrats jimjams

Demented · 08/01/2005 18:17

Congratulations Jimjams!

hoxtonchick · 08/01/2005 18:17

well done jimjams, glad he's here, & i really like the name. you have another congratulations thread here too!

chonky · 08/01/2005 18:17

Congrats Jimjams - & love the name Louis!

Freckle · 08/01/2005 18:18

Congratulations! What do his brothers think of him?

colinsmommy · 08/01/2005 18:18

Congratulations, Jimjams and baby Louis!

Tinker · 08/01/2005 18:21

Well done again Jimjams and welcome to little Louis - lovely name

jodee · 08/01/2005 18:22

Congratulations Jimjams, welcome to Louis and hope you are feeling OK yourself.

Jimjams · 08/01/2005 18:22

DS2 insists he is called "baby postman pat" and is very wide eyed and sweet with him. DS1 has poked him a few times-and otherwise ignored him- but is far happier with him than when ds2 arived. He's happy to come and give me a cuddle while I'm holding him (which he wouldn't do when ds2 was born), so I think we've escaped the trauma of last time.....

OP posts:
Hulababy · 08/01/2005 18:22

Congratulations and welcome to Louis

donnie · 08/01/2005 18:22

congratulations jimjams ! hope you aren't feeling too tired and worn out by it all, you sound very perky in your posting!

RadioTimeskangamummy · 08/01/2005 18:22

congrats jimjams and welcome little louis

Twiglett · 08/01/2005 18:22

YAY .. congratulations Jimjams and baby jammies

hope its all smooth sailing from here on in

tamum · 08/01/2005 18:23

I've said it on the other thread bu many congratulations Jimjams, and welcome little Louis I'm glad the section was better than the last, alhtough what a pain having to wait for two hours. How did ds1 get on with his first day at new school? Did you miss it?

weightwatchingwaterwitch · 08/01/2005 18:24

Ah congratulations Jimjams, we've all been wondering how you are. A big welcome to Louis

Jimjams · 08/01/2005 18:25

About to fall over I think donnie (think the old iron is a bit low) so am going to go and watch the rest of the football.

Got home last night- although they sent me home without painkillers (usual pharmacy mix up). Had a wonderful midwife this morning who went ballistic- marched up the hospital and collected them for me and extracted an apology from the ward (who were generally very good tbh)! Felt a bit better once I'd had something stronger than paracetamol. Will feel much better once the aantibiotics are out of my system!

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 08/01/2005 18:25

Congratulations Jimjams
Welcome to the world Louis (I love that name!)

Jimjams · 08/01/2005 18:26

I did miss it tamum but it's going very well- he loves it. And social services have upped the number of hours help we are getting as well! (recieved the letter today). So all going well.

OP posts:
Blossomhill · 08/01/2005 18:27

So pleased to hear ds1 is getting along at school. The ss extra hours is a real bonus too!

tamum · 08/01/2005 18:29

Oh, fantastic! It must be good really for him to like it so quickly, mustn't it? Great about the hours too. Let's hope this is the start of a new upward trend all round

happymerryberries · 08/01/2005 18:30

Great new Jimjams, give the beautiful Louis a kiss from me! And great news about the extra time.

geogteach · 08/01/2005 18:32

Congrats, my Louis is 12 weeks today!

edam · 08/01/2005 18:32

Congratulations! Really pleased it went well. And welcome little Louis.

JJ · 08/01/2005 18:33

Congratulations! Welcome to little Louis.

Socci · 08/01/2005 18:41

Message withdrawn

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