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how to announce births?

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mumtobeinleighonsea · 21/04/2008 11:19

has anyone found the best way to effectively let friends and family know of a newborn? I know how totally useless my DH is with his phone, i.e. very faffy and I am sure would annoy me highly - especially when he tries to use my blackberry. is there a website where you can input all your numbers or something?

OP posts:
belgo · 21/04/2008 11:20

send out one email to everyone?

dizzydixies · 21/04/2008 11:21

give your dh ONE or TWO numbers of friends who ARE reliable and let it filter out from there

my dh forgot to tell people who then started freaking out thinking something was wrong as they knew i had gone into hosp

didn't make same mistake when having dd2!!

belgo · 21/04/2008 11:23

yes, just tell one gossipy friend and the news will very quickly get out!

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