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To Mr and Mrs Tori32, A Daughter.

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shoshe · 27/03/2008 06:50

Tori had a daughter last night 8.49pm, she was 10lb, and had her by C section in the end.

Mother and babe doing fine, think Dad is knackered and Big Sister is so excited, I am taking her in to the hospital later

Will leave all the rest of the details to Tori when she gets out.

OP posts:
crace · 27/03/2008 07:31

Hooray, Many many congratulations to the Tori32 Family!!

meemar · 27/03/2008 07:52

congragulations x

KaySamuels · 27/03/2008 08:05

congrats tori

southernbelle77 · 27/03/2008 08:06

Congratulations to you all

Lulumama · 27/03/2008 08:07

congratulations to Tori and family on the safe arrival of their daughter.... lovely news, looking forward to the birth story...

10 lb.. good weight !

mumlove · 27/03/2008 08:07

Well done and congratulations to you all.

MaureenMLove · 27/03/2008 08:09

Lovely news. Well done Tori!

MumOfBillyTheKid · 27/03/2008 14:45

Yay - well done Tori - got there in the end - sorry to hear was ecs after all, but as long as well and healthy, that's all that counts! Speak to you soon & hear full birth story.

shoshe · 27/03/2008 15:46

I have Toris DD1 (ooh that sounds good) here, according to her, she does not have ababy sister called Lucy, she has a Baby brother called Lewis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody better warn Tori!

OP posts:
Prisci · 27/03/2008 16:01

Congratulations Tori!!!

davidtennantsmistress · 27/03/2008 19:35

congrats tori

(shosh can you give tori a big hug from me tell her well done, and i'll drop a card in next weekend when i'm up)

from no 1.

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