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Baby BeachedWhale in my Xmas Stocking

28 replies

BeachedWhale · 27/12/2004 12:37

A belated Happy christmas to everybody.
Baby BeachedWhale has arrived and she made it just in time for Xmas. We have called her Olivia Grace and she was born on 23rd Dec and weighed in at 7lbs 3oz and she is just wonderful.

We got to the hospital at 6am and I was having strong contractions and had a show but when they examined me I wasn't dilated at all. They were just debating what to do with me when my waters went at about 7am and from then on it was pretty fast and furious. I was desparate to try a VBAC this time but I was worried about being constantly monitored and not being allowed to get on with it without doctors poking their noses in all the time. However, we were so lucky to get allocated a superb midwife on loan from the birth centre and she let me just do what I needed to do.
Got in the bath at about 10am and when I got out I was 8cms. A lot of gas and air and an epidural got me through the last bit and she was born after 20mins of pushing at 3pm. I'm so proud that I managed it as it took me so long to get over the shock of my emergency CS first time round.

The best bit was they let me go home after 6 hours and we made a mad dash to the West Country on Xmas eve to be reunited with our twin DS's in time for a fab Xmas day. My turkey dinner never tasted so good! No heartburn - yippee!

OP posts:
tillykins · 27/12/2004 12:39

Wow! Many congratulations BeachedWhale, sounds like a really positive experience
Lots of love and snuggles to Olivia Grace - what a very beautiful name

hunny · 27/12/2004 13:06

Your story brought a tear to my eye - I've been wondering about you the last week or so. Many congratulations and welcome Olivia Grace. I'm so pleased the vbac went well - you certainly should feel proud of yourself. And how wonderful to be home with your twins in time for Christmas - brilliant! xxx

Gobbledigoose · 27/12/2004 13:14

Oh fantastic! Congratulations and welcome to Olivia Grace!

StuffTheMagicTurkey · 27/12/2004 13:15

I am so pleased you got your vbac! Well done and many congratulations .

SnowmAngeliz · 27/12/2004 13:37

Fantastic story!
What a lovely present, (not to mention the no heartburn dinner!!!!)

Lovely name too+++++++++++++++++++

motherinfestivemood · 27/12/2004 13:42

What a lovely way to start the festive season.

brusselbeansprouts · 27/12/2004 13:44

Congratulations and welcome to Olivia Grace!
Am v impressed that you made it for xmas dinner too!!!

SantaClausfrau · 27/12/2004 13:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WideWebWitch · 27/12/2004 20:50

Ah, congratulations!

lilymum · 27/12/2004 20:52

That's really wonderful news! Congratulations. Sounds like a good birth too - well done. Glad you had such a good Christmas.

acnebride · 27/12/2004 21:11

3 little whales - happy New Year to all of you.

MarsselectionboxLady · 27/12/2004 21:14

How fantastic. Congratulations.

coppertop · 27/12/2004 21:17

Congratulations to all the Whales.

Hulababy · 27/12/2004 21:51

Congratulations and welcome to Olivia Grace.

What a fabulous Christmas present!

merrymarthamoo · 27/12/2004 21:54

Hoorah - lovely news. Well done and welcome to Olivia Grace !

Gem13 · 27/12/2004 22:07

Congratulations and welcome to Olivia Grace

Glad it went so well. What a lovely Christmas - I bet you were pleased to see your DSs.

georginatheRednoSedreindeer · 27/12/2004 23:08

Many congratulations!

princessinapeartree · 27/12/2004 23:21

sounds like a perfect birth, a perfect baby and a perfect christmas! many congratulations

prufRockingAroundtheXmasTree · 28/12/2004 13:48

Congratulations. So loveley for you to have your newly enlarged family together for Xmas.

aloha · 28/12/2004 14:56

Congratulations! Olivia sounds gorgeous - and a perfect Christmas present.

fisilhohoho · 28/12/2004 17:13


RudolftheredPOSEYreindeer · 28/12/2004 21:19

What a lovely story. Hope your Christmas was just amazing. Congratulations.

hana · 28/12/2004 23:07

such great news that you got your vbac!
And many congratulations on your new little daughter. Have a lovely rest of Christmas/New Year's holiday!!

PotPourri · 29/12/2004 15:15

Well done Beached whale! Sound like a great experience, and wonderful that you got your VBAC. What a gorgeous name too.

RonnieTinselBaby · 29/12/2004 17:49

Congrats sweetie, hope all is well, love the name

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