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tuscany88 · 12/08/2023 18:59

I gave birth to twins and was still in the hospital recovering from a C-section. On day 2, one of my friends text me to ask how I was doing and to ask if they were my babies she'd seen on FB. I wasn't sure what she was talking about, but when I went on FB, I saw that my SIL had plastered 5/6 photos of the babies, including their names, weight and time of birth. Also, there were lots of comments about them and our choice of names from people we didn't even know.
I was so upset as we wanted to announce their births and also my family were upset with me that their first glimpse of them was on FB via my SIL!My husband suggested letting her know how it had made me feel and that she would be fine and said he'd speak t her himself. When I explained to my SIL how upset I was, she said "I was just excited, I'll take them down if you like". She took them down and totally changed towards me. After months, an argument ensued where it all came out that she was annoyed that I'd pulled her up about something so trivial and made it clear that things between us could never be the same.
Am I wrong to have felt upset that we weren't allowed the privilege of announcing our children's births?

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Whataretheodds · 12/08/2023 19:06

I'm not at all into SM announcements, pregnancy announcements, 'gender reveal' etc but what she did was rude and getting huffy with you for speaking to her about is out of order.

I wouldn't hold a grudge against her for posting the photos if she just apologies and took them down but her attitude now would piss me right off.

JazzyBBG · 12/08/2023 19:08

She was cheeky. I'd be fuming. Clearly everything has to be about her.

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