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How was everyone’s birth?

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G7yaia · 06/08/2023 21:01

Hi guys just really interested in seeing if anyone had any birth story’s to tell. Mine was very special she came 2 days early 5 and a half hours of contractions set off to the hospital and my waters burst and actually had to end up having her in the emergency parking bay outside the hospital in my mums car 😂😂 happened so fast it was my first so was expecting a long labour and was telling my mum in the car that they better give me the epidural when I get there when her head was already coming out 😂 was home the same day no stitches and was cleaning the whole house had visitors the next day was lovely and fast. Would love to hear any of your guys experiences and if anyone else had their baby in the car 😂x

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MollysBrolly · 07/08/2023 00:10

I had been examined by a moody midwife who told me she was starving and only had a muffin all day! Told to get dressed and go for a walk for an hour and come back.
She left, I went for a wee, loads of blood, waddled to a chair to get dressed to tell midwife about the blood. In my head was Man in the Mirror (Michael J song) and for a good 10mins and very painful contractions I was getting so angry with myself for singing the wrong lyric to the chorus - the joys of labour

G7yaia · 07/08/2023 01:13

😂😂the midwives sometimes don’t take you serious in my opinion. When I was on the way I kept calling my partner every 2 minutes just to scream down the phone at him. He got there as soon as she was born but I bet he’s glad he wasn’t there because I would of just verbally abused him when going through that pain 😂😂😂

OP posts:
Mummy2823 · 08/08/2023 18:20

My waters broke 5am at 36 weeks! No pains or contractions even after being induced,5 days later baby came via c-section.

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