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Omy's (long) birth story: a good induction

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omy · 13/02/2008 19:04

Saw consultant on due date (6 Feb) who wanted to induce me asap as risk of infant mortality increases post dates and with maternal age (40, though 2 normal previous deliveries!)

40+6 booked for induction but had no intention of going through with it! Plan was to have as natural a birth as possible in the birthing centre at Queen Charlottes.

Went into hospital the morning before induction date as I was worried about reduced movement of baby in the bath the previous night and that morning. Was monitored for 40 mins (in delivery suite) and baby?s heartbeat was perfect. (she woke up!)

Midwife did a sweep (cervix 1/2 way ready) convinced me to return the following day either for induction or heart monitoring again. Given dire warnings of fetal mortality possibility

Tuesday 12th Feb
Slept badly as worried (scared) about induction possibility or infant mortality possiblility.
Got up at 5am to clean floors in a desperate effort to start labour. 7.30am had a mucusy bloody discharge ? v pleased. I went in at 8am determined to just have monitoring and then go home.

Was in a happy positive mood in hospital ward. Listening to BB king on ipod and dancing around to try to start labour. Bouncing on ball.

Was ignored in hospital (induction ward) until 10.30am when they found a spare heart monitor. Midwife on duty was rather grumpy and detached. Definitely fed up with her job.

Heartbeat perfect again. Waited to see consultant before leaving. Consultant very sweet but gave us a frightening statistic ? 8% of babies that go up to 42 weeks DIE ? so she said. This really freaked DH out ? though not me ? I was still happy to follow my instincts that everything was fine. However DH convinced me that you wouldn?t gamble one of your children?s lives on odds like those ? and said that you wouldn?t jump out of a plane with a parachute that was 8% likely to fail!!! He was really worried. So I reluctantly agreed to stay and have the induction.

Grumpy midwife said head was not engaged yet and inserted prostin pessary at 12.40 and I immediately began to sob uncontrollably. Desperately wanted to change my mind and go home! DH feeling very bad at this point!!

Hooked up to monitor for 1 hour. Heartbeat perfect. Having mild tightening feelings every now and then. Was allowed to get up and go for a walk at 2.30pm. By this time I had stopped crying and was determined to get labour going ? determined to avoid epidural and cesarian.

Walked from 2.30 ? 4pm around wormwood scrubs in the sunshine with DH - feeling less weepy. (sunshine helped!)

3pm ? felt a contraction to make the head start to descend. Yippee! Then another at 3.15. 3.30, 3.55 (getting hard to walk by this stage), 4.10 (back in hospital), 4.20, 4.30pm put TENS machine on. Contractions every 5 mins for 45 secs. Just thinking about sending DH home for his dinner (as in the past this phase had lasted 12 hours) when felt ?pop? sensation in cervix. Knew from past experience that this meant things were going to start happening. Told grumpy midwife but she didn?t believe me. Contractions every 3 mins for 45 secs. Midwife examined me and said I was only 1 cm and put me on heart monitor for 50 minutes which meant I had to stay on bed rather than move around. Contractions getting stronger throughout monitoring. Asked for gas and air but midwife said it would be ages yet and I should save the gas and air for later! Told her to GET THE GAS AND AIR!!
Asked her to examine me as contractions very painful and every 2/3 mins I wanted to go to the birthing centre. She said she would wait 2 HOURS between exams as risk of infection and there was no way I was that far on. I am feeling very dispirited at this point because contractions are so close together and painful that I know I couldn?t handle hours and hours of it. Meanwhile I am in a ward of 4 beds trying not too be too loud and embarrass the other women in the ward! (and DH). Ask DH to ring my girlfriend to come and help as I need someone to give me the emotional strength to resist epidural. (Midwife very surprised that I don?t want one!) By this kneeling time on the floor over birthing ball groaning LOUDLY (no longer embarrassed) and using gas and air liberally.

Thank God for 2 things: friend arrived (was fantastically supportive) and midwife agreed at to examine me at 7pm. 6cms! Midwife finally found a room for me in birthing centre! Yippee ? Delivery suite is supposed to handle inductions but Thank God they were too busy! Midwife wheels me in chair the 20 yards around the corner to Birthing Centre (so close in distance, so far in philosophy). Had 2 painful contractions on the way (midwife cross with me shouting ?sit down - health and safety? as I refused to stay seated through contractions!!!)

Arrived at Birthing Centre 7.15pm ? wonderful midwife takes over. I overhear her saying ?why was she induced?????
Am quickly on floor over ball breathing and issuing orders to friend and DH about where to shake to top of my thighs and hips and apply pressure to lower back. Only about 1 min between contractions. New midwife as wonderful as old one was awful. Very intuitive and professional. Encourages me to ?go with my body?. I keep shouting ?out out out!!? during contractions trying not to tense up. When contractions change to more intense pushing ones I ask her to examine me. 8.15 pm. She says fully dilated and membranes intact and bulging. (exactly as last delivery). This gives me the confidence to try pushing (scared of pushing as I know it hurts!!) Feels like baby is going to come out of your bum. In between contractions I tell midwife how I was in supported squat last time with DH on chair behind me. I know I have to tilt my pelvis upwards a lot to get the baby out. Strong lower back pain as baby very low now. I ask for birthing stool. Midwife quickly gets chair for DH and birthing stool ready. There is a brief lull ? (2 mins or so pause) we all know this means the next one will be a biggie. Sitting on birthing stool with HD behind me with his arms hooked under my armpits. Contraction huge and I go for it making strange high pitched barking noises!!?? Contraction lasts ages ? or is it 2 together?? And I keep panting and trying to let contraction push her out so I don?t tear ? can feel the head coming and thinking ?keep going, you don?t want to have to do another one of these!? So out slips the rest of her very quickly and easily ? still in the bag! 8.25pm.

Midwife picks her up to show me sex (girl as we thought) and puts her on my tummy. I am a bit in shock and shaking from the speed and intensity. Lelia gets apgar of 10! And is breast feeding within 20 mins. She hasn?t stopped since!

By the way ? placenta perfect and no meconium in waters!

Midwife writes up notes and leaves at 9pm even though her 12 hour shift was supposed to end at 8pm. Xxx Champagne bought for midwife.

OP posts:
omy · 13/02/2008 19:10

Ooops! Forgot to say: Baby Leila born 12th Feb 8.25pm Weighed 3.52 kilos or 7lb 7.6oz pics tomorrow! (can't find lead to connect camera to computer!)

OP posts:
cazboldy · 13/02/2008 19:13

well many congratulations, and well done!

Lovely name

mehdismummy · 13/02/2008 19:26

oh well done you. How brave you are. Shall i come up and beat nasty midwife? Lovely name. What a perfect day to have her(my birthday)

alfiesbabe · 13/02/2008 19:45

What a fantastic birth story - and what an affirmation that a good midwife who believes in you can be more effective than lots of drugs.

AhhChewww · 13/02/2008 19:54

Great birth story

It brought memories of my very powerful natural birth.

Egg · 15/02/2008 07:02

Omy your pics are gorgeous. All three of your girls are very beautiful .

StealthPolarBear · 15/02/2008 07:32

Lovely birth story and beautiful little girl

OldieButGoldie · 15/02/2008 16:33

Congratulations on the birth of Leila and what a great birth story

I was interested in what you had to say about their plans to induce you when I was lurking over on the February thread. I am due on the 25th and am also aged over 40 (well over!) and read up a bit so that I was ready for them if I go past my due date. The stats that I have are that the risk of still birth increases from 2 per 1000 to 4 per 1000 from 40 weeks to 42 weeks gestation. This is only a figure of 0.4% at 42 weeks so vastly different from the one your consultant gave of 8%. The reason they say the increase is significant is because it does actually double, but is still very small.

Anyway, this is all irrelavent to you now that you are holding your beautiful little girl!! Glad it all went so well for you.

And yes, being born in the sac is indeed meant to bring good fortune to the child!

omy · 15/02/2008 20:51

Thank you all for your nice comments. I don;t think I am brave at all! VERY scared of epidurals and cesarians!!!

OP posts:
omy · 15/02/2008 20:54

Oldie but goldie - Good luck with your birth and your fight with the consultants (if you go over). I think it MUST make a difference that it was not my first baby and I had had 2 normal pregnancies and deliveries and this pregnancy was exactly as complication free as the last 2.

OP posts:
maxbear · 25/02/2008 20:34

Fab, well done. I am shocked and horrified at the incorrect stats that the consultant gave you, emotional blackmail. Anyway if you ever get time make sure you complain about her or she will continue to scare people with this rediculous statistic. Fantastic that you did not need to see her for the birth.

walkingwomb · 08/03/2008 08:41

What an inspiring story - I almost cried. Congrats!

ibblewob · 09/03/2008 19:34

Congratulations omy and Leila - great story. Very interested as I'm 41 weeks today and have an induction booked for Tuesday (want the baby out now more than I want to argue with everyone about it!) so it's great to hear you have had one without an epidural or c/s. Can't believe your first midwife though . Well done!

phlossie · 28/03/2008 15:13

Fabulous story! I love how you didn't let that grumpy midwife push you around (friend had similar experience with quick labour and examining, but it was her first baby, so she lacked the conviction.)
Well done you!

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