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emmetgirl · 02/03/2023 11:18

Not sure if this is the right place for this.
My step daughter has just (yesterday) had her baby. I'm beyond thrilled for her!
When she gets home I want to be useful without getting in the way so thought that I could make up some meals to freeze so they can just reheat them as and when. Nobody wants to cook when they've got a brand new baby in the house.
Can anyone suggest some simple meals I could put in containers and freeze for her and her DP?

OP posts:
PritiPatelsMaker · 06/03/2023 21:07

Cottage Pie?

This curry is bloody lovely too.

PMAmostofthetime · 31/03/2023 03:24


Shepard's pie
Cottage pie
Pasta bake

ShirleyPhallus · 31/03/2023 03:28

I would get her cook vouchers instead, then she can choose what she wants. Also, some well meaning people did this for us but we’d already batch cooked and frozen stuff and had almost no room in the freezer so it was another thing to think about when the baby was here

congrats to you and your family

SpuytenDuyvil · 31/03/2023 03:28

For new mums I make a tray of macaroni cheese and a whole wheat banana bread. Sections of the macaroni cheese can be microwaved and the whole wheat banana bread can help with post-natal constipation.

Glendaruel · 31/03/2023 04:15

Not a meal, but one of best things I received was a box in post of tray bakes. The sugar was great with the sleepless nights!

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