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Ive had a beautiful baby boy!!!!!!! (Warning long post)

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didsnbump · 25/01/2008 21:50

Hi all,

Sorry this announcement is a little late, but understandably as a first time mum everything is abit of a blur at the mo.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on 10th Jan weighing 6lb. We have named him Hayden.

I had the most horrible labour experience that i will share with u all!!

After all the questions i asked everyone about my niggles and was it labour, when it finally was i still wasnt sure as it felt the same as the pains i had had for weeks. But i decided on this occasion after having regular mild period pains through the night from 11pm and another show + a few trips to the loo for a number 2, when i woke after a couple of hours sleep that i would call the midwife as soon as surgery opened and ask her opinion.
She said she would pop round and check me out. When she got here even though my blood pressure was high she thought i was poss in labour but wouldnt exam me as she didnt think there was any piont yet, but after half an hour of chatting she decided that maybe i did need looking at, and discovered i was 3 cm dilated, and due to my high blood pressure i was to head to the hospital!
I got to hospital for lunch time and was hooked up to the ctg for half hour and then shown to my ward bed and told to do as i please and to return in 2 hours or if i needed to. At this point i still didnt feel like i was in labour!!!!
Come 11pm after 24 hours, i was now only 4 cm dilated so was given painkillers to help me sleep as by now the contractions where getting stronger.
I tried but couldnt sleep as the contrations kept coming and the painkiller just made me dizzy, but at 2am i noticed i was passing fresh blood so went to get it checked, only for my waters to break as i tried to climb onto the examination table he he!
Well that was it, the pains came thick and fast then, but i had to remain on the ctg as babys heart rate wasnt great, but this was horrible as i couldnt lay still.
By this point the delivery suite was rushed off their feet and i was still stuck in a room they use to just do ctg's.
When i finally got a delivery suite of my own i was screaming in pain and struggling to keep the ctg monitor in the right place as laying on my side or back wasnt possible, but the midwife just kept popping in and telling me to lay on my side. When they finally decided to exam me they discovered i was nearly fully dilated but i had to keep the monitor on as they werent happy with babys heartrate, and would take blood from his head to check.
Everything was fine and eventually they put a thing into his head to monitor his heart rate so i could move around.
By this point it was about 5/6 am, and they were still very busy so not giving me full attention, just popping in and out, but things werent moving like they should and i was in so much pain i was hurling abuse at the staff!
Eventually after two doctors getting involved they decided to do a scan to see his position, only to discover he was back to back!!!!!!!!
Well i then had to endure another hour of being poked, prodded to attempt to get him out while i cryed in pain and begged them to do something as i had nothing left to give before they finally decided that the only way to get my little man into the world was a c section!!!!!
So all in all a really horrible long labour which in my eyes should have never gone that far if i had had the full attention of the staff that night, and even the doctors appologised the next day for the lack of time they gave me.

But Hayden is worth it a thankfully 2 weeks later im recovering really really well!!!

But never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:
chankins · 25/01/2008 21:53

phew - felt knackered jus reading all of that! Poor you, sounds like an ordeal. But major congrats on the safe arrival of your little man !!!
I said never again, and had 2 more ! Amazing how quickly you forget the horrendous pain!

blanki · 25/01/2008 21:59

Congratulations on the birth of your son!

Welcome Hayden

Izzybel · 25/01/2008 22:01

Sorry you had such a horrible birth experience! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy !

coby · 25/01/2008 22:08

Congratualtions! You'll have to change your profile - it says you have no children .

MarsLady · 25/01/2008 22:25

Congratulations on the birth of your son. I'm sorry it was so long and didn't go the way you hoped.

Look after yourself and be sure to rest well.

1dilemma · 25/01/2008 22:27

congrats, hope you are ehjoying your little man.
I hope next time is better for you

sweetkitty · 25/01/2008 22:28

Congratulations on the birth of your little boy

Sorry it didn't go as you would have hoped but never say never. When he's a mad toddler of 2 you will hanker after another little floppy headed newborn like the rest of us

Susiemj · 29/01/2008 09:56

congratulations dids!

MissyTheFlouncer · 02/02/2008 13:49

wowm what a story!


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