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Discomonkfish New Baby Girl

16 replies

Discomonkfish · 27/11/2004 10:35

Hi there, just to let you know I have had a beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth Grace on Tuesday 23 November. She weighed 6lb 6oz. My waters broke on the Monday and she had opened her bowels inside the womb so I was called straight in to be induced. The syntocin drip wasn't working and I wasn't dilating. The baby started to get distressed so she was delivered by emergency caesarian at 7.32pm the following day.

OP posts:
bunny2 · 27/11/2004 10:50


Another gorgeous November baby! Well done! Get some rest and enjoy your baby

logic · 27/11/2004 11:41

Congratulations! Elizabeth Grace is a gorgeous name!

eidsvold · 27/11/2004 12:06

congratulations... love the name - dd1's middle name is Grace and I have always loved Elizabeth..
take it easy and enjoy!!

myermay · 27/11/2004 12:26

Message withdrawn

motherinferior · 27/11/2004 13:51

Welcome lovely baby!

Flossam · 28/11/2004 00:51

Congratulations Discomonkfish!! Well done, glad all is ok, and you have chosen a lovely name! Come and tell us how you are on the nov babies thread in the parenting section! x

Gem13 · 28/11/2004 02:39

Congratulations and welcome to Elizabeth Grace Lovely name.

Hope you are recovering and taking it easy.

WideWebWitch · 28/11/2004 07:25


suzywong · 28/11/2004 07:37

Congratulations DMF and welcome to you new baby

Hope you are taking it as easy as possible, I've been on the receiving end of non-working syntocin and an emergency C or two and I can imagine how tired you must be feeling.

Hope you are enjoying your new daughter

Gobbledigook · 28/11/2004 07:44

Hurrah! Congratulations! Hope you are all well.

SpringChicken · 29/11/2004 15:15

Great News Disco

Lovely name - Welcome Elizabeth Grace x

Sallie · 29/11/2004 15:17

Many congratulations

Riebee · 29/11/2004 21:01

Congratulations Disco

Welcome Elizabeth Grace

hermykne · 29/11/2004 21:02

congratulations, so glad everything went ok in the circumstances.

collision · 30/11/2004 15:33

Well done Disco! Lovely name and glad all is OK.


PotPourri · 05/12/2004 12:50

Well done. And all the best for little Elizabeth (beautiful name)

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