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Gender scan

4 replies

Bubluv · 20/05/2022 10:54

Hi! My hospital refuse to disclose gender at 20 week scan :(
I would absolutely love some opinions!! Many thanks 😊

Gender scan
Gender scan
OP posts:
Holly60 · 20/05/2022 12:27

I'd say a girl, but I'm no expert

Summerbreeze111 · 20/05/2022 13:07

I would also say girl, but definately not an expert either!

Dreamingof3 · 03/09/2022 08:54

Another non expert, but I would say girl!

confused112 · 01/10/2022 09:41

I would say a girl!!

Can anyone guess mine? twin pregnancy.. I will share both the 20 week scans!

thank you

Gender scan
Gender scan
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