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dundeemarmalade had her baby!

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dundeemarmalade · 02/01/2008 09:45

baby girl (still can't choose a name) born 22:24 on Saturday 29th December, weighing 6lb 9.

Could somebody point me in the direction of the due in december post-natal thread? Brain has finally given up ghost under onslaught of sleep-deprivation, galactic-sized bosoms and utter astonishment at how very very lovely our daughter is.

OP posts:
BellaBear · 02/01/2008 09:47

Many congratulations!

What this what you were looking for?:

lapinewyear · 02/01/2008 09:48

Awww bless! Congratulations on your new baby girl!

Post-natal thread, drag those norks over there

dd666 · 02/01/2008 09:48


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