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Refusing sweep before bank holiday weekend?

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Junac · 15/12/2021 00:50

I’ve rang community midwife team to request a sweep this week at my appointment when I’ll be 39+5.
I’ve had a poor experience with them tbh and this time was no different with them initially saying ‘we only do a sweep of a consultant asks for one’ which had me thinking I wouldn’t be able to have one full stop, but then transpired they meant before 40 weeks. So they are refusing to do it this week and will have to be next week…but if I haven’t gone into labour by then spontaneously I’ll be 40+5 and about to head into the four day bank holiday weekend.
Obviously if I end up in labour over that weekend spontaneously then that can’t be helped but it seems like a terrible idea to be to be actively trying to bring about the birth of the baby over that weekend- the birth centre where I’m booked to give birth will probably be shut, it will be skeleton staffing on labour ward for days.
Anyone in a similar boat or any experience? Would I be unreasonable to refuse a sweep as I’d rather not be prepping to have the baby over the bank holiday?
Induction policy locally is to go ahead at 41+5.

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