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Birth Announcement Cards?

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JemimaTiggywinkle · 04/02/2021 15:29

Has anyone sent or received birth announcement cards?

Obviously will be announcing birth to family/friends by the miracles of modern technology first, but I thought it might be nice to send out a printed card too.

Any recommendations of good websites to get them from?

OP posts:
BunnyRuddington · 14/02/2021 14:06

Not heard of them but congratulations Thanks

Dan3i · 20/02/2021 12:07

I got mine from Etsy Smile

FluffMagnet · 20/02/2021 12:11

Photobox or similar

LittleRa · 20/02/2021 12:12

Got them from Snapfish, where I already had an account. Uploaded a photo is taken of baby DD and added birth details- date, time, weight etc. Sent to family and close friends.

Hyppogriff · 20/02/2021 12:13

Never heard of them .

Kendodd · 20/02/2021 12:15

I think they're a lovely traditional idea. I'd love to receive one. I like Round Robins as well though so you might at value my opinion.

MyOtherProfile · 20/02/2021 23:47

Really surprised people haven't heard of them. We have had dozens over the years and sent them to friends and family when we had our children.

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