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iris blooms...again!!

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iris66 · 30/10/2007 07:17

Elliot Charles made his appearance on Wed 24th Oct at 8.27pm weighing 8lb 5oz. The midwives were utterly awesome and this baby sleeps!!!!! (and I think I may want another one !!)

OP posts:
Papillon · 30/10/2007 07:22

Hooray! (((()))) Just came online and what do I first see, your lovely news Iris. Well done X

Congratulations Don´t get pregnant next week though!!

My cousin had a baby boy today, Oliver Arthur

iris66 · 30/10/2007 13:18

thanks Paps and congratulations to your cousin too. Some serious loved up vibes around at the mo

OP posts:
Papillon · 31/10/2007 18:40

lol I bet there is, I can almost feel them!

my cousins wee ma has the same birthday as my dd - she has always had a big connection to her husband so no suprise really that there is this birthday bond

Give Elliot from Aunty Paps X

AnnainNZ · 06/11/2007 23:23

Congratulations Iris. Am just catching up on all the news! Glad all is well and you got a sleeper

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