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number1yummymummy1987 had a baby girl

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number1yummymummy1987 · 28/10/2007 15:28

hi i had a baby girl saturday 20th october i was 11 days overdue she was delivered after 26 hours of labour by emergency c-section. the cord was thin babys heartbeat was low and i was exausted. my labour was induced and started with strong contractions every 2 mins. i just wasnt dilating fast enough as contractions didnt last long. around 30 seconds. thats a bloody long time with just gas and air as pain relief. I HAD 2 EPIDURALS THEY TOOK THE FIRST 1 OUT AND RE-DID IT THINKING IT WAS DONE WRONG TURNED OUT THAT THE SECOND 1 WAS THE SAME AND A EPIDURAL JUST HAD NO EFFECT ON ME. MY BABY GIRL IS CALLED ELAINE MAE AND SHE WEIGHED 6 POUND 10 AND HALF SHE WAS BORN AT 11:16AM

OP posts:
Lizzylou · 28/10/2007 15:29

Sorry to hear you had a hard time, enjoy your daughter

VoodooLULUmama · 28/10/2007 16:50

congratulations, sounds like a difficult labour, take care of yourself and enjoy elaine mae x

number1yummymummy1987 · 30/10/2007 18:52

thankyou. my sister had natural birth but 2 days of labour but the cheeky cow thinks i had a easier labour. where was her emergency c-section? and she got 2 hold her baby first. my partner and his sister got 2 hold my baby before i did

OP posts:
VoodooLULUmama · 30/10/2007 18:55

it can feel sad not to hold your baby before anyone else does. make sure you have lots of skin to skin with your baby girl, when you are feeding is a good time to do it, and spend time getting to know her

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