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Telling the siblings?

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BellaKaur · 01/11/2020 20:47


I have an almost 5 year old and just realised Im pregnant again. Still in shock as weren't planned however we were trying for years previously but gave up.

My daughter has always said she wanted a little sister or brother and now i can't wait to tell her.

How long would you wait before telling her?

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LouiseTrees · 01/11/2020 23:34

At least until the end of the first trimester when you get a scan.

BellaKaur · 02/11/2020 00:38

@LouiseTrees makes sense 👍🏽

OP posts:
Aquamarine1029 · 02/11/2020 00:42

I'd wait until 16-18 weeks.

BellaKaur · 02/11/2020 08:25

@Aquamarine1029 omg 16-18 weeks 😱 Why? I know the first 8-10 weeks are critical but usually after 12 weeks ppl normally make announcements.

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