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Chirpygirl's super VBAC baby arrives bang on time!

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Chirpyghoul · 08/10/2007 18:02

So after much messing around and worry, I get to my due date on Saturday.
And this is what happened (times are approximate )

4.30pm - checked over by midwife after having more pains all day who says I am still 3cm and the pains are not effective enough to be doing anything to cervix
5.30 - start getting more pains and more bloody show, put it down to MW's fairly rough exam
6.45 - DH puts DD to bed
7.00 - DH comes downstairs to me unable to speak and MIL unable to time contractions as they don't stop
7.15 arrive back at hospital (!)
7.20 - strapped onto CTG for monitoring due to previosu CS.
7.30 - New MW examines me to find I am 7cm already and hands over gas and air (she becomes my new best friend at this point)
8.30 - Still attached to CTG, on all fours on bed I start screaming at MW that I need to push. Am told 'Pull yourself together Rowan, you will tire yourself out'
Start screaming as I need to push and bitch MW won't let me.
8.35 - Push anyway and explode waters all over bed with an audible bang.
8.45 - MW examines me (took me 10 minutes to roll onto my back and for a gap between contractions) I am 10cm!
Shift change! bitch MW fucks off, lovely new MW appears
9.08pm - DD2's head appears, with her left hand next to it!
Rest of DD2 appears in next push, pink, screaming and thoroughly pissed off!

I pick her up and have immediate skin to skin, she latches on after 5 minutes and doesn't move for another hour!

I tore in 2 places due to her hand but no stitches were needed. Had a bath a couple of hours after birth, blagged a private room for the night and came home at midday the next day!

OP posts:
RubyShivers · 08/10/2007 18:03

name please ...

ThreadyKrueger · 08/10/2007 18:06

Very many congratulations. Premium egg-food and a brand-new millet spray richly deserved.

Chirpyghoul · 08/10/2007 18:10

Vanessa Joan Eleanor

to be known as Nessa, adding pic to profile!

Mmmm, millet!

OP posts:
RubyShivers · 08/10/2007 18:48

fab name and even better pictures
aw - feeling very broody now

Budababe · 08/10/2007 18:49


TrickORTripletEm · 08/10/2007 18:53

Chirpy, congratulations and well done!!!
So sweet!!

Chirpyghoul · 08/10/2007 19:52

Thank you!

I still can't believe after being stuck in hospital last time for 5 days after my cs that I am home with a baby barely 48 hours old!

OP posts:
Lulumama · 08/10/2007 19:56

oh, i love it when i;m right

well done you ! fabby, fabby news !!!

beautiful names, gorgeous pics ! well done you

i imagine that is why it took a while for things to get going, if her little hand was in the way

very well done

and even cleverer to deliver on her due date

i am very glad you got your VBAC x

meemar · 08/10/2007 20:01

Well done Chirpy - congratulations, she's beautiful xx

claraq · 09/10/2007 09:50

Congratulations, beautiful baby. As someone who is hoping for a VBAC in about 7/8 weeks time, it is great to hear a good birth story like this one.

bobsmum · 09/10/2007 09:54

Congratulations Chirpy - fab story, gorgeous names and edible little girl Love a good VBAC story!

Chirpyghoul · 09/10/2007 21:15

Thanks all! Still cant quite believe it, she is 3 days old and I am home, settled and surfing net while BFing, having spent all day playing with her and DD1.
Could not be moredifferent to DD1's birth where i was still in hospital on day 3!

OP posts:
ejt1764 · 10/10/2007 14:29

Well done Chirpy ... I too got my vbac last week! My birth story

And, like you say, the difference is amazing - we were home within 8 hours!!

Congratulations on the birth of Nessa - and the photos are just beautiful!

mears · 10/10/2007 18:36

Congratulations Chirpy - pity about your MW but glad your experience eclpised her

fawkeoff · 10/10/2007 18:40


Klaw · 12/10/2007 21:38

Congratulations on your VBAC, Chirpy! Oh and welcome to dd2!

That 'bitch mw' should have examined you in situ, not require you to change positions, imho, but no matter, you did it and dd2 is here!

Enjoy your babymoon!

Klaw · 12/10/2007 21:42

Lulumama, bone to pick: "and even cleverer to deliver on her due date" DELIVER? Deliver

The word is BIRTH, chirpy birthed Nessa, Nessa got herself born.

Nobody delivered!

It's funny how we sometimes come out with the ingrained stuff, eh?

PS, still have to get that email composed and sent to you, I've not forgotten.......

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