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I know it's rather late but... Secur!

21 replies

secur · 08/10/2004 13:30

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
NomDePlume · 08/10/2004 13:32

Awww, belated congrats

Blackduck · 08/10/2004 13:33

lol at the 'baby coming-Pants' bit...I thought that was you very politely swearing!

fuzzywuzzy · 08/10/2004 13:33

That's such a lovely birth story, wish mine were that easy . Congratulations is this your first???

tiptop · 08/10/2004 13:34

Wow, Secur, that's fantastic! I went all tingly just reading it! Having had 2 horrible back ache labours, I'm so pleased that some people have a good labour. Well done and welcome to your dd!

secur · 08/10/2004 13:40

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Skate · 08/10/2004 13:57

Wow - fantastic!! Congratulations!

Not sure how my dh would have responded to that kind of birth!! Was yours not scared!?

mears · 08/10/2004 14:09

What quick work Secure . Well done and congratulations.

secur · 08/10/2004 14:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
marthamoo · 08/10/2004 14:39

Wow! Well done secur (and Mr. secur)

So "at no time did I have that I would never have another child feeling!"...does that translate as watch this space for number 5?

snmum · 08/10/2004 14:50

i wish my body had of been so efficient congrats

secur · 08/10/2004 15:02

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
sunchowder · 08/10/2004 15:07

Congratulations Secur!

beansprout · 08/10/2004 15:21

Wow - congratulations!! Lol at "pants" too!!

Tortington · 08/10/2004 15:37

many congrats xxx

anorak · 08/10/2004 15:50


bonym · 08/10/2004 16:58

Wow - how fantastic. Many congratulations!

dinosaur · 08/10/2004 17:24

Congratulations Secur!

sleeplessmumof2 · 14/10/2004 09:55

wow , well done and congratulations, hows it all going now?

Pidge · 14/10/2004 10:26

Never too late for an announcement - and particularly with such a great birth story! Congratulations for June.

secur · 15/10/2004 11:42

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Marina · 18/10/2004 09:04

Zoicks! Missed this and really ought to add my congratulations before your dd is sitting her GCSES...great story, Secur, glad it went so well

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