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My crazy birth story/how I gave birth in the hallway

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Princesaebs · 10/02/2020 09:02

I thought I'd share my birth story because it was absolute madness. I was due with baby boy #2 20/02/20, my first is 15 months old. As I hit 37 weeks pregnant I started struggling with a haemorrhoid the size of a grape, I could barely walk, or sit down. My mother in law offered to have my son for a few days so I could rest. I went to the hospital and spoke to the midwives a few times, they gave me numbing gel which didn't work so I proceeded to go back at 38+1 where there was a midwife who felt very sorry for me. She offered me a sweep I was relieved as this is how I went into labour with my first, she said I was 2cm dilated and she had her hand up my fanjo for a good minute! Giving me a proper good sweep, she said my cervix is favourable and she would be happy to sweep me twice a week until baby comes because she could tell I'm in pain, it was Friday, she said if I don't go into labour over the weekend then come back on Monday for another sweep and to maybe talk about early induction. Saturday comes and no signs of labour. Hubby usually works Saturdays but this Saturday he was off i said to him let's go for a walk today so we can see if baby will get a move on. He suggested we go to his grandads house who lives an hour away I said sure good idea. We got the train dalston to Stratford then Stratford to Canning Town. As we stepped on the train at Stratford I felt a pop and a gush, I said to hubby I think my waters have broke. He said oh gosh have they or have they not I said well I don't know tbh either that or I've pissed my self. We got off the train at Canning Town and onto the next train to gallions reach. By this time I was having contractions about 3 minutes apart but they were bearable. We got to his grandads house where I was able to check and confirm my waters had indeed broken. They broke at 12:30, we got to his grandads house at 1pm and booked a taxi straight away. Got in the taxi at 1:20pm by this time contractions were getting stronger but I have a high pain threshold and didn't think it would be a quick labour. From his grandads house to the hospital was a 40minute drive, 25 minutes in contractions were so strong and I could feel my body trying to push. I laid down on the back seat and tried to stay calm as the driver was doing 90mph on the mway and overtaking cars. Every contraction I had I felt like I was having to hold the baby in! We arrived at the hospital at 2:03pm as I stepped out of the cab I wasn't having a contraction, we walked through the labour ward and was about to get a lift down to the birth centre as I was planning to have a water birth. As I stepped out of the labour ward doors my next contraction came and his head popped out in the middle of the hallway, I screamed he's coming and pulled my trousers down and squatted leaning on the chair waiting for my next contraction. Hubby was in SHOCK he was running up and down like a mad man trying to get a midwife to hurry up. Luckily there were only 2 women in the hallway who were watching and put my hoodie under babies head. The midwives then came (better late then never) and with my next contraction my baby boy was out. He was born at 2:05pm 08/02/20 at 38+2 weighing 7pound2ounces. I was in complete and utter disbelief. It all escalated so quickly. I had no meds and I didn't tear. I'm overall proud of myself and just glad I didn't have him in the Uber. Poor driver was shitting himself. The midwife who gave me that sweep is amazing I wish I got her name!

My crazy birth story/how I gave birth in the hallway
OP posts:
Mintlegs · 10/02/2020 09:08

Congratulations and well done! Glad you and baby are well x

Princesaebs · 10/02/2020 09:12

I forgot to add, with my first son my waters didn’t break. Contractions started at 2minutes apart I stayed at home until I couldn’t bare it (about 2 hours) then I went to the hospital and was only 3cm dilated!! My front waters broke in the middle of the night and I was still only 5cm. In the morning they broke my back waters and I was about 7cm i had him a few hours later. I was in labour for 18 HOURS and I had a nice water birth. I was in labour so long with my first that when contractions started with my 2nd I didn’t expect to be having him so quick! The contractions went from 0-100 in such a short space of time

OP posts:
Princesaebs · 10/02/2020 09:12

Thank you @Mintlegs x

OP posts:
dontdoironing · 10/02/2020 09:17

Oh wow. Well done!
He's gorgeous!
You now have a brilliant story to tell forever too Wink

Pegsinarow · 10/02/2020 09:22

Congratulations op! Your baby boy is absolutely gorgeous! Glad you are both safe and well Flowers 🍾

Hopefulbride18 · 10/02/2020 09:26

What a great story and what a cute baby! Congratulations Grin xx

ColdCottage · 10/02/2020 09:31


I would have got in the taxi to the hospital at Canning Town though. Amazing.

keepingbees · 10/02/2020 09:38

Congratulations he's gorgeous!
I had a similar birth with my second baby too although I was at home, it all escalated very quickly!
If you have another remember to stay nearer home Wink

TheGirlWithAPrince · 10/02/2020 10:00

lovely story :D I was induced with my son, they took my to get the epidural but as they checked my dilation she said too late his head is here, I was shocked and confused as didnt feel anything ( I was on diar morphine) 2 pushes and he was out 9 lb 4

paintfairy · 10/02/2020 13:37

That made me laugh. 😂 "Its either my waters or I've pissed myself". Lord, what a day! You definitely don't expect it to happen that quickly. Thank goodness you don't have to name your baby Uber. Lol. I'm glad it ended well. Congratulations!

Poorolddaddypig · 11/02/2020 14:08

Congratulations! What a great story! Grin

MummyNWife · 11/02/2020 14:11

Aww fab congrats x

anjahaa · 16/02/2020 19:20

What a gorgeous little man ❤️ with a strong Mama!

I've got to say, as a first time Mama to be, I read all of that with my jaw pretty much hitting the floor 🤣


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