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Unexpected third pregnancy - what to do?!

4 replies

2kidsandacat · 11/12/2019 20:59

I have a DS (age 2) and DD (Age 7 months) and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant with my third. Embarrassingly, I have no idea how far along I am (I can’t even remember my last period- was it October? Was it earlier? I’m not sure). I’m still breast feeding so I never thought anything about not having a period, I just figured I wasn’t back to normal yet. I am dreading telling DH- I don’t think he wants a third (although he knows I’ve always been keen). I’m also dreading telling work- I’ll be returning from mat leave PREGNANT (possibly pretty pregnant if I take the full year as planned) and this will be my third maternity leave in as many years. I know maternity leave is absolutely my legal entitlement, but I strongly suspect this will raise eyebrows (esp as I wasn’t in the door all that long before I had DS). If anyone has been in a similar position, or has any advice, I would very much like to hear from you xx

OP posts:
TheClausSeason · 11/12/2019 21:01

No advice, just sympathy. Don't worry about what work say- these things happen all the time. Flowers

Andsbk · 29/12/2019 14:16

🎊 Congratulations!!!
Baby decides to come for a reason in your life. You need him... Have a good day!

Southy84 · 07/01/2020 14:51

@2kidsandacat how are you doing? I’m also pregnant with baby number 3, I started a new job, within two months I was pregnant, had a rocky early pregnancy had over a year off (combined mat leave with annual leave) then went back to work 13 weeks pregnant with dc2, dc2 is now 2 and I’ve just told my boss I’m pregnant again, I know everyone I work with has guessed, I also feel like everyone at work will be raising their eyebrows... but I’m getting to the point where I think oh well it’s my life not theirs!

Hope you’re ok and spoken to your DH - I dreaded telling mine too- but he was actually really excited!

N12345625 · 26/02/2020 12:26

Congratulations!! It will be hard work, but it will be so lovely that you will have three children so close in age!

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