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Myfairone has a new fair one!

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Myfairone · 29/07/2007 10:54

Baby Harley arrived on Wednesday 25th July at 5.06pm. Due date was 29th so rather impressed that he arrived early, although with all the nipple twisting, sex and pineapple I think I kind of evicted him!

Went into labour at 12.30am, got to hospital at 7.30 (insisting DH had Mc Donalds on the way!), got into a bath which was okay for around an hour, took gas and air for as long as I could while bouncing around on a birthing ball. Baby was back to back but a few hours on the ball turned him around.

Took a shot of pethidine and along with gas and air made it till 3pm when I could start to push.

The pushing continued unsuccessfully till 4.45 (they let me go a lot longer because I really wanted to try and do it myself) but at 4.45 enough was enough. It seemed that all hell broke loose...he was out in a few minutes with the help of one almighty contraction, a suction cup (which came off mid pull) and a pair of forceps!!!!

The experience was incredible, wonderful and surreal all rolled into one.

DH and I cried as they presented our son to us and then while they tidied me up (or should I say stitched me up...sorry if TMI) we just held him and stared at him!

Came home Thursday lunchtime and are now getting to know our little chap!

OP posts:
Marne · 29/07/2007 10:59

Congratulations, lovely name, welcome Harley

LieselVentouse · 29/07/2007 11:17

aww congratulations - looking forward to seeing pics

Saturn74 · 29/07/2007 11:34


PavlovtheCat · 29/07/2007 11:41

Aw congratulations Your birthing experience reminds me very muhc of mine, and is bringing tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

I am glad it went well, and pleased you have a wonderful healthy son.

You and your DH must be so proud. Enjoy him. It continues to be magical

pookey · 30/07/2007 17:20


MelissaM · 31/07/2007 11:02

congratulations mrfairone and welcome to baby harley - another great name.

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