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pookey's popped - sorry its a long un

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pookey · 28/07/2007 18:09

My little snuffley bundle of joy is two weeks old tomorrow . Sorry I need to type fast but wanted to give the full story!

After 10 hours of contractions on the sat night I went into hospital at 6:30am on the sunday. It was the same labour room and midwife as for my little boy and with him I had a 3 day labour, OP presentation, forceps and shoulder dystoccia so imagine my horror when told that this one was LOP and I was only 2 cm!!! I was exhausted and also disappointed because i was told that i would not be able to use the pool for health and safety reasons. I told the midwife that i wanted to stay in as my dad was going into hospital for an operation that same day so my sister would not be able to come back and get me and also i did not want to disrupt my son at home. Although i knew I should me mobilising I decided I was going to rest and the midwife suggested i lie on my right side which I did and she said that her shift was ending in an hour but she had every confidence evrything would go swimmingly this time.

Anyway lying on my right side completely changed the contractions which had been every 3 mintes and strong but only lasting 30 seconds - they were really long and it was like a ginding pain in my pelvis, I had to press my feet into the foot of the bed and cling to the head of the bed to cope. However they were also more spaced out and i slept between them.

After a while i felt I should get up, by this time it was an hour later and the next midwife came marching in demanding that I be strapped up to a monitor again for 20 minutes. I refused and she said she wanted to establish whether i was actually having any contractions and whether I should go home if not in labour or have pain relief as I was clearly not coping. I just thought to myself this woman is raving mad there is no way I can stand still for 20 minutes and cant she see I am clearly in labour! We argued for a bit then she said why dont you go to the toilet then I will monitor you. The toilet actually seemed like a really good place to be so I trooped off and sat pushing and panting through contractions on the toilet for a bit then told dp he had better get the midwife. Dp came back and told me that the midwife wanted me out of the toilet but i stayed for a few more contractions until a long gloopy thing got pushed out (my waters). I then kicked off my trousers and knickers and waddled back in wearing a vest and flip flops.

Despite all this she still wanted me on the foetal monitor but I just stayed well away and kept saying sorry another contraction until she gave up and said at least let me check your dilation. After a few more contractions there was a lull and i clambered on the bed only to be told I was 10 cms and the baby was in the ideal position for birth!! Hoorah the best news I could have had!!

Anyway deeja vu from 2 hours earlier was now gone and at 9:14 I pushed out a 9lb DD without pain relief and with a small 2nd degree tear. I cried when I heard the words its a girl and again when I heard its a small tear! I breastfeed while being stitched up and refused gas and air much to the consternation of the doctor. DD wasn't weighed until the doctor had left, he had guessed she was 7lb and consoled me that big babys just meant c cections and 3rd degree tears - I am so disaapointed he didnt hear she was a 9lber!

She is a lovely baracuder baby (ouch my poor nips) with dark hair and eyes and a sweet funny face. Her names mean Kind Happy Beauty. Ds is adusting really well to her and I am so proud of him.

OP posts:
Tutter · 28/07/2007 18:13

huge congratulations pookey and welcome to your dd (3 days older than my ds2)

Saturn74 · 28/07/2007 18:15


MrsWeasley · 28/07/2007 18:16

well done. Congratulations

Califrau · 28/07/2007 18:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pookey · 28/07/2007 18:22

Thanks I am so happy it was one of the best days of my life and such a good outcome. Tutter congratulations to you too! I must catch up on the July birth announcements now...

OP posts:
lulumama · 31/07/2007 15:07

i love your birth story ! and big congratulations and well done ! you stayed in control and had a great birth x

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