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DivaSkyChick's Home Water Birth (long story)

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DivaSkyChick · 24/07/2007 23:26

Isabella Coco was born yesterday at 3:47 pm weighing 7 pounds 5 oz. She was born in the birthing pool in our flat, during work hours thank god because hypnobirthing notwithstanding, I let out a number of very gutteral roars at the end. No pain relief WHATSOEVER. I tried to take some tylenol but threw it up immediately. couldn't even keep water down...

I was in labor for about 8 hours. Had hints of contractions earlier than that but just that crampy feeling we all get. Once it started, however, it never stopped. Was six centimeters when the midwife arrived - "just to check me out" she had no plans to stay but changed her mind immediately. A few hours later she told me I was ten centimeters and the feeling of relief was overwhelming. I was so happy and I gess my body took a break because we had a few minutes to take photos and DH and I even made out to keep the next stage relaxed.

It wasn't. It was fast and furious and I was desperate for her not to crown because I feared ripping myself to shreads. Midwives yelling PUSH! Doula calmly saying "just let your body do what it feels" and me making some sound I've never heard before and hope never to make again.

She was born with her water in tact right up until I delivered her head. Then couldn't get another contraction to get the body out! Was so weird! I watched her underwater, turning to get her shoulder out, she very nearly got herself out and then I helped her a little with a push and suddenly she was on my chest, covered head to toe in vernix.

I tried to deliver the placenta naturally instead of taking the shot. You know, since I did the rest naturaly, right? wrong. 40 minutes later I'm like, give me the damn shot, I'm sick of laying here. Also had a first degree tear of my labia. OWWWW. I knew it was happening in the moment but I had NO control over the pushing. My body did it entirely without my assistance except for the last push to get her little body out. Anyway, they could have given me a stitch or two but while i was prepared to give birth without pain relief, I was most certainly not prepared to get stitched in my cooter without novocain or something for godssake! So we left it to heal naturally which it seems to be doing - it's already stopped stinging when I pee. Looks awful tho.

We're slowly figuring her out, or maybe she's training us. She sleeps much better on us than in her moses basket. Probaby setting ourselves up for trouble later but what can you do - gotta get some sleep! She's got a great latch so hopefully breastfeeding will go really well. But we're like, ummm okay, what else? I've read dozens of books and I'm still clueless. and tired.

OP posts:
yelnats · 24/07/2007 23:29

BIG CONGRATULATIONS and well done on the no pain relief!!! You must be sooooo proud of yourself and your new little one!

alipigwidgeon · 24/07/2007 23:30

Congratulations, wonderful story. And a huge welcome to the world to Isabella Coco. From a Brit Expat in Colorado.

Budababe · 24/07/2007 23:32

Oh wow it all sounds so amazing.

Welcome Isabella - you keep your mummy and daddy on their toes sweetheart!

Myfairone · 25/07/2007 01:09

Diva - Huge congratulations, you must be so proud to have had the birth you wanted...and with no pain!

Just take your time to relax now and get to know your little one.

Thanks for the great birth story.

PrettyCandles · 25/07/2007 07:00

That is a beautiful birth story. You 'made out' - is that what we Brits call 'having a snog'? - in labour! How cool is that!? Welcome to your little princess, and congratulations.

Enjoy the closeness - you've got plenty of time to change things if you choose to do so.

Cyee · 25/07/2007 16:36

Congrats divaskychick - I'm in awe!

me23 · 25/07/2007 16:40

beautiful birth story, congratualtions, well done

MelissaM · 26/07/2007 13:25

Congratulations Diva. You star. Welcome to Isabella!

Chooster · 26/07/2007 14:42

Wonderful birth story!!! What a star

lulumama · 27/07/2007 09:19

that is a birth story worthy of being in an Ina May Gaskin book!!

see, i always say it is that sexy energy that got the baby in there and that will get it out too !

Leander · 27/07/2007 09:31

what a beautiful birth story, well done you
welcome Isabella coco xx

Klaw · 27/07/2007 14:58

Fabulous DivaSkyChick!


Enjoy your babymoon!

indiemummy · 28/07/2007 11:06

Wow that's amazing! WELL DONE! See you over on the H&F board, enjoy it all xxx

pookey · 28/07/2007 21:35

Congratulations sounds like a really lovely way for your daughter to enter the world ... amazing. App the waters staying intact is considered really special in some parts of the world

skirmish · 28/07/2007 21:41


well done to all of you

cadelaide · 28/07/2007 21:41

congratulations, and what a lovely, lovely name.

theprecious · 30/07/2007 09:43

congrats - sounds a great birth!

LizzieO · 15/08/2007 17:27

Congratulations !!!!!!
Wow what a birth story, I have been reading these childbirth stories some good and some bad but this one is def the best i've ever read

well done and welcome to the world baby Isabella xxxxxxx

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