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the twins have arrived

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samsiow · 22/07/2007 23:42

just to announce the birth of my twin girls on june 11th home and well and very gorgeous

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VeniVidiVickiQV · 22/07/2007 23:45

aww congratulations

DangerousBeans · 22/07/2007 23:45


Tortington · 22/07/2007 23:46


samsiow · 22/07/2007 23:46

thank you

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TheHerdNerd · 22/07/2007 23:48

Hey, that's lovely! Well done you

samsiow · 22/07/2007 23:57

yes i have 2 lovely girls with 6 and half hour labour on gas and air natural delivery baby one born @ 00:35 weighing 2lb 14 and baby two born @ 00:51 weighing 4 lb 10 the girls were in nicu for two weeks and then home where they belong they now weigh 6 lb 10 and 7 lb exactly and i would do it all again its brilliant.

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MarsLady · 23/07/2007 00:16


Don't forget to come say hi on the d'ya ever multiples thread. There's cake!

GryffindorGHOSTY · 23/07/2007 04:24

Aw, lovely birth story ...
Congratulations and well done the littlest one on the great weight gain catching up with her sister ...

Egg · 23/07/2007 07:18

YAY congrats. Really lovely to hear your birth story and that your little girls are doing so well now. I have twins coming early next year .

What are their names?

samsiow · 23/07/2007 22:37

thank you their names are mia and alana

OP posts:
samsiow · 23/07/2007 22:40

congratulations on your twin pregnancy i also have another daughter who is 4 she is a great help hope your little one is a good help and loves the new babies as much as my daughter loves my twins

OP posts:
Hulababy · 23/07/2007 22:42

Congratulations Welcome to Mia and Alana

TheMuppetMuggle · 23/07/2007 22:43

Congrats Hun

TheMuppetMuggle · 23/07/2007 22:43

Congrats Hun

HungarianHorntailsBumcheek · 23/07/2007 22:45


Frizbe · 23/07/2007 22:46


Whooosh · 23/07/2007 22:47

Lovely news [soppy smile]

mummyto2littleprincess · 31/07/2007 21:28

congratulations Mia and Alana lovely names

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