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Loujay has her not so little boy!!

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loujay · 21/07/2007 15:15

Alfie John Robert. Born at home on Thursday 19th July at 5.50pm. A whopping 9lb 11oz!!
After posting on here in the morning, my contractions were few and far between until 1pm when they ramped up to every 3 mins lastin 1 min. Dh called hospital and then community midwife called us and said she would be over after clinic. 10 mins later I told him to call her back and get here here now!!
So she arrived, examined me and I was 7cms (well done me I thought!!) Then we waited for the other midwife and G&A etc to arrive and i laid on the bed contracting and having not too bad a time.
The things blurred slightly......contractions weere really strong but erratic, 2 mins, 4 mins 5 mins, back to 2 etc etc. Tried G&A but hated it so stuck like glue to my TENS instead. Finally felt a need to push but had about half an hour of SOS breathing and a midwifes hand in my fanjo whilst the last lip of cervix moved then all systems go..................or so I thought!!
My boy decided to make his entrance after 1 hour of pushing (and the threat of an ambulance as he wasnt moving) with his arm by his face.
But SO worth the effort and fuss. He is a beautiful huge boy 2.5lbs heavier than his sister was 4 years ago and we love him to pieces.
Thanks to all for the words of encouragement on Thursday morning. I am now off to join the postnatal girls for July!!!

OP posts:
Carnoodleusfudge · 21/07/2007 15:16

Congratulations and welcome Alfie!

hertsnessex · 21/07/2007 15:17

well done to you! welcome to alfie!


EscapeFrom · 21/07/2007 15:19

congratulations Loujay! what a whoppa! Well done.

JackieNo · 21/07/2007 16:05

Wow - huge congratulations.

DangerousBeans · 21/07/2007 16:14


lulumama · 21/07/2007 16:24

congratulations on the birth of alfie.......9lb 11..pretty impressive !! well done....x

MarsLady · 21/07/2007 16:26


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