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She's here!! WeasleyWonka's Oompa Loompa has arrived safely...

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WeasleyWonka · 21/07/2007 11:01

Erin Lily, born at 6.49am this morning. 5lb 15oz, 3 wks early but well & beautiful. Thank you for all positive vibes from one tired but very happy WW & dh

OP posts:
lulumama · 21/07/2007 11:02

wow !! that was quick ! very big congratulations! you must be so delighted......such beautiful names....x

LeafTurner · 21/07/2007 11:03

Ahhhhh !!! Congratulations - you must be so relieved ! Well done you & welcome to Erin Lily - beuatiful names !!

snowwonder · 21/07/2007 11:03



what a beautiful name....

Hope Erin Lily brings you lots of love and happiness....

JackieNo · 21/07/2007 11:20

Huge congratulations.

DangerousBeans · 21/07/2007 11:29

So pleased to here of Erin Lily's safe arrival.
Congratulations to you all.

bananabump · 21/07/2007 12:44

Hi, we on the august thread are wondering if you were willywonka in a previous incarnation? We still haven't had a birth from anyone posting on our thread yet so would be excited if you are the first! link to thread

Congratulations, and what a beautiful name!

beansprout · 21/07/2007 12:46

Oh that's such great news!! Congratulations and welcome to Erin Lily!!

Miaou · 21/07/2007 12:47

Congratulations!! Lovely name

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