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Foxybrowns 42 week flyer!

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foxybrown · 13/07/2007 09:47

My fourth foxcub was born at 7.34 yesterday evening, weighing in at 9.11, 13 days late.

Having woken up yesterday morning thoroughtly depressed at being still pregnant after trying EVERYTHING to start her off, went off to MW to discuss cancelling 42 week induction booked in for today. She gave me a sweep and told me I was 6 cms after weeks of stop/start false alarms. Rebooked induction for Sunday as seemed to be lacking any significant contractions.

Went off to school sports day, running in between ds1 and ds2 races, thinking "I'm in labour!". Got home at lunchtime and everything went quiet - again! Spent the afternoon relaxing as DP took children off to cinema. By the time they came back at 5 contractions were 8 mins apart. Still not convinced it was going to happen. Fed the LOs, bathed them, DS2 gets hit by a tummy bug so at 5.30 I'm in labour, dealing with contractions and cleaning up sick! Oh the glamour of motherhood!

At 6.10 called delivery suite, at 6.12 called them again and told them I needed someone now! Have to admit I was getting a bit concerned as only me, DP and 3 lo's to deal with! Eventually got in the bath and sat very, very still to slow things down while DP did bedtime. We were both silently panicking by now I found out later! MW came at 6.45 and I have never, ever been so pleased to see anyone in my life. 2nd MW turned up at 7, so I could get out of the bath. Went to the bedroom for checking, fully dilated, got up onto knees, G&A, she came out membranes intact half an hour later. No tearing, just a very lovely little girl, and very warmly received by her brothers and sister.

It really couldn't of gone any better, any quicker or any less painfully. Now I'm so glad she was a slow burner

OP posts:
twoplusone · 13/07/2007 10:03

Fantastic birth stroy, and well done foxy. Huge congratulations..

Hoping the delivery of my lo will be as quick....(although really dont want to go 13days over..!!)

bumperlicious · 13/07/2007 11:18

Oh foxy, that's great. what a fantastic story, sounds like slow and nearly painless is the way to go! (I got quick and bloody painful!).

So please she is finally here and you got your home birth xxxx

Klaw · 13/07/2007 11:55

OMG Foxy, that was wonderful!

I am soooooooooo happy for you, It couldn't have gone any better if you tried! You should be so proud of that fabulous body of yours and so proud of yourself for allowing nature to do what it does best.

Born in the caul is very special you know!

So you've got two of each now, perfect!

I'm all warm and fuzzy now!

foxybrown · 13/07/2007 12:30

Now what is the 'Born in the caul' thing all about? the MW was talking about that, something about it being an irish tradition? Or selling it to fishermen so they don't drown?

I am pleased though, I think it must have been a far gentler less squishy way to enter the world!

She's very peacefully sleeping now - and has been all morning. Am very much in love!

OP posts:
foxybrown · 13/07/2007 12:31

And THANKYOU by the way

your help, advice and support has been greatly appreciated. We are very lucky to have you, lulu and Mars here on hand.

Thank you all for being so lovely!!

OP posts:
lulumama · 13/07/2007 12:47

if a baby is born in the caul, they will never drown at sea, hence why in the old days, you could sell it !!

very rare, and special

I am just full of admiration for how well , how patiently and with such good humour you coped with going over, congratulations on the safe and relaxed arrival of your DD

well done xxx

dejags · 13/07/2007 12:50

Congratulations! What a lovely birth story

Klaw · 13/07/2007 13:04

You're more than welcome Foxy!

And thank YOU too! You don't realise how much we learn from everyone else's experiences, it is invaluable!

I'm sure that Lulu, Mars and all the other Doulas and mws who post here feel the same

daisyandbabybootoo · 13/07/2007 13:50

Wow Foxy.......sounds like a wonderful experience after all your stop, start, is it, isn't it of the last week or so.

Welcome to the world baby Eve and....

....Big Big Congratulations to the Foxybron family

Now come and join the gang post-natal

You Rock!!

Judy1234 · 13/07/2007 14:35

How lovely. I was about to mention that old myth mentioned below too.

I was very glad the twins stayed in there to 40 weeks even though had they been under the hospital's care they would have induced at 38 weeks. I felt they really benefited from the extra 2 weeks of weight and growth and coming when they chose and they were very happy babies.

mozhe · 13/07/2007 14:54

Well done Foxy !....your little one is exactly 8lbs heavier than mini mozhe at birth !
Glad it went well in the end

mozhe · 13/07/2007 14:56

Felt a bit of your homebirth.....lucky you ! It what I was after..never mind maybe next time eh ?

ShowOfHands · 13/07/2007 15:01

Aww I have birth envy.

What an utterly lovely story. Well done you.

domesticgrumpess · 13/07/2007 15:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pipsi100 · 13/07/2007 15:14

Well done Foxy. My 2nd son was also born very quickly and in the caul, my partner said it was a wonderful thing to watch as he came out completely clean and tidy.
Enjoy xx

justbeme · 13/07/2007 15:56

OMG!! You did it! Fantastic news and you are sooo lucky that it was quick and "painless". Well Done.

loonylovegood · 13/07/2007 15:58

Well done foxy, you wonderful lady of fabulousness! Thanks for the pic, she (and your nork) is very beautiful! Huge congrats and welcome to the giant baby club xxxx!

foxybrown · 13/07/2007 16:32

I forgot to say that by sheer luck and chance, i got the same mw who delivered DD1 and did DS2s newborn checks - and she doesnt work on my mw team!

how lucky am i??

OP posts:
mozhe · 13/07/2007 17:30

You are lucky. It's nice

TALLULAHBELLE · 13/07/2007 17:40

Well done Foxy.

annobal · 13/07/2007 18:02

What a fantastic birth story! HUGE congratulations and well done for being so patient. Welcome Eve to the den xx

Dontknowmyarsefrommyelbow · 13/07/2007 20:09

I'm so pleased for you - it sounds perfect.
Glad your little girl has decided to join us at last
Big hugs!

Tutter · 13/07/2007 20:11

congratulations - sounds wonderful xx

riabutterflew · 13/07/2007 22:04

Well done, though you could have goried-up your birth story - I want to do it again if it's that perfect for no 4!

Seriously, congratulations and an official welcome to PN!

And what a lovely name.

Lots of love to you all.


doggus · 14/07/2007 14:50

Well done foxy, absolutely delighted to hear your news, many congratulations to the entire den!

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