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My best friend in the whole world has just had her first baby...I'm in tears...I cannot tell you how happy I am......

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LadyTophamHatt · 04/07/2007 21:17

Shes been married 13 years and has been trying for a long long time.

She jsut called 10 minutes ago to tell me and we both cried. Shes in basingstoke and I'm here in east sussex and all i want to do is sit with her and her brand new daughter to hold her hand.

Emergency CS.

Baby Layla 6lb 13 oz

Shes going to be the best mum ever

OP posts:
QueenofBleach · 04/07/2007 21:19

Many congrtaulations to her after the very long wait.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 04/07/2007 21:20

Bloody hell woman you have me crying now...

HuwEdwards · 04/07/2007 21:21

"and all i want to do is sit with her and her brand new daughter to hold her hand. "

congratulations - introduce her to MN!

moo · 04/07/2007 21:23

Awww, that's lovely. Welcome to the world, baby Layla

Marina · 04/07/2007 21:23

LTH, it's so wonderful when someone you really love achieves their heart's desire. My sister is due her first, at 41, in three weeks' time. I cannot wait. Congratulations to your friend and best wishes to baby Layla

Charlee · 04/07/2007 21:25

LadyTophamHatt that is so moving to hear someone expressing how much they care for another person.

Here is to many happy long years for her with her daughter and for you with your firend.

MrsScavo · 04/07/2007 21:25

Awww, now I'm going to cry too!

Congratulations to your friend!

LadyTophamHatt · 04/07/2007 21:30

Shes had a hard PG with her BP being a bit arratic so yesterdya they kept kept her in afte rher ante-natal appt.

I knew as soon as the phone rang it was going to her her.

She was very quiet and I said in virtual whisper "Are you Ok?"


"Have you had it??"


"Ohhhhh what did you have??"

"We've got a baby layla"

And we both burst out crying. She really wanted a girl too....I'm shaking I'm so pleased for her.

I really cannot tell you how happy I am for her, for both of them

OP posts:
PestoMonster · 04/07/2007 21:34

Ooh! Brilliant news + lovely name btw. Congratulations to Layla's Mum.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 04/07/2007 21:35

Feck I really am crying.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 04/07/2007 21:38

Not that I wasn't before, but that really made me gulp.

NappyValley · 04/07/2007 21:39

Mee too.

Congratulations to her.

tiredemma · 04/07/2007 21:40

That is so sweet.

You sound like a lovely friend LTH

Layla is a lovely name.

Frizbe · 04/07/2007 21:40

congrats to her

HelenLoveJoyOfSpringfield · 04/07/2007 21:43

Awwwwww you're such a good mate!

Are you going to see her soon???

Congratulations to her & family
lulumama · 04/07/2007 21:43

oh for goodness sake, now i am crying too!

welcome to baby layla....well done and big congratulations to her proud parents, and to a wonderful friend,LTH

love good news

MegaLegs · 04/07/2007 21:49

My eyes are blurry so hope I am typing this ok

That's lovely news. When will you get to see her?

MegaLegs · 04/07/2007 21:49

Ooo - ooo and you get to buy a lovely girly present - I love it when friends have girls.

LadyTophamHatt · 04/07/2007 21:55

Way back at the start of her PG I said "If you have a girl you understnd shes going to have to be my surregate duaghter, don't you??"

We giggled and laughed about us being so grown up at having babies and being married and stuff.

She said on the phone when she rang " You've got your surregate daughter too"

Bloody hell..I'm welling up again....I love my frined, shes the best

OP posts:
Lio · 04/07/2007 21:56

She is lucky to have you

LadyTophamHatt · 04/07/2007 22:28

I hope to go and see her on Sunday, Dh is out most of the day though so I have to get over my fear of driving such a long way.

She's worth though so I will be going.

OP posts:
MamaG · 04/07/2007 22:29

oh thats wonderful

RGPargy · 04/07/2007 22:32

awww congrats to your friend and welcome to baby Layla!! Tis a lovely name!!

LadyTophamHatt · 05/07/2007 09:02

I'm just bumping this because I want to tell the day time crew too.

I'm still in bits about it...I just can't believe after such a long wait she's finally a Mummy, she really is going to be the best mum.

OP posts:
TheDevilWearsPrimark · 05/07/2007 09:05

aaw lovely news!

congratulations to the happy family

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