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Mae arrives in June..Scootermum's little girl finally drops in..

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scootermum · 06/06/2007 21:41

Short version...Mae Elizabeth was born 6/6/07 at 2.19 am, weighing 8 pounds on the nose..
Longer version...

12 days overdue, I went into hosp to be induced yeserday at about 2.30 in the afternoon...was put on a monitor on arrival whilst we waited for the space to clear on the ward for an induction to be started...after I had read all my magazines and eaten about 10 bags of sour mix to keep my mind off the matter in hand, the midwife arrived and told us she would be able to do a sweep and apply the hormone gel to try to get things going...Was very pleased a had really feared having to go home with no baby..knees were about to give up under the weight of the bump!
Sweep was swept and gel applied...and nothing doing...DH and I kept ourselves chipper however by observing the antics of the lady I was sharing a room with, who at one point charmingly threatened to punch the midwife becuase she had hurt her whilst putting in a drip, then stood in the corridor lambasting the entire medical profession at the top of her voice...she was only in for observation..was glad she wasnt in labour as would have feared for my life!

DH had to leave at 8.30, the end of visiting, which really upset me as even though had no labour signs at all really didnt fancy being alone should anything happen...
Got into bed and watched a bit of telly...DH called at 10 to say goodnight..I had a bit of a back ache by this point but nothing worse than had had for the last 3 months really so thought nothing of it...
Lights out on the ward and all was quiet..back ache started to get a bit worse which made me think labour may be starting, but again thought little of it, as with DD1 it took 36 hours to get from back ache to birth...
By 12 however contractions were happening and were quite painful if irregular..I walked down to the midwives office to ask them to help me with my Tens machine as felt could use a bit of pain relief by this point but didnt want to turn my light on and wake everyone else on the ward up whilst I twiddled with the wires...the midwife said she thought it was probably just back ache, and gave me two paracetomol...and refused to let me use my TENS as she said I probably didnt need it and was due for monitoring anyway..had to get back on bed and be rigged to monitor, which I wasnt too happy with as it meant I couldnt move and was in the most immobile position to deal with the pain..(which the midwife insisted was not labour).Was left on monitor for 40 mins, getting more and more uncomfy,after which midwife said she would examine me to be on the safe side...this she did, and was a bit surprised to find I was 8 cm dilated!
In a panic she told me to call DH and pack my stuff to move to the labour ward..I phoned DH who slept through the phone ringing...gaaah!Cue a slight freak out from me..Eventually got hold of him and told him to come NOW!(transpired he woke up when the phone rang but was a bit groggy and picked up the TV remote by mistake and tried to answer that instead of the the phone handset!)

Walked over to labour ward and started feeling like I wanted to push as bed was being prepared...asked midwife re pain relief as was struggling by this point and blithely assumed an epidural would soon be coming my way as had planned and had occurred with DD1's birth before... regarded midwife with horror when she told me there was a queue for the anethestist and there might not be time for any pain relief other than gas and air..I did start to sob at this point as felt very alone, no DH and as if things were not going to plan..(my plan always having been to have any and every method of pain relief available, given that I am a total wuss!)
Had a go on the gas and air whilst Midwife was putting a sheet on the bed..DH arrived to find me sobbing and throwing up into the sink..Gas and air doesnt agree with me it seems!
Midwife put me back on monitor and did an internal..I was 9.5 cm dilated and desperate to push by this stage..Midwife said she would break my waters which would hopefully get me the last 0.5 cm and enable me to push..she then fiddled about with packets of gauze and things for what seemed to me to be an eternity but was actually about 3 minutes before breaking my waters...can honestly say I have never been so uncomfy in my life as when I was awaiting that last bit of dilation as was just desperate to push but couldnt...DH's poor hand certainly got a battering...
Finally reached 10 cm 30 mins or so later.. and was more than ready to push the baby out...except was petrified re lack of pain relief...after about 45 mins pushing could feel the baby beginning to crown...had to have a strict word with self as at one point knew that the next contraction and a good push would get the babies head out, but decided somewhere in my irrational brain that I didnt fancy feeling the babys head coming out right now thanks as suspected it would hurt a could just stay in and I could go home..talked self round and out she came in the end!
I had always thought that during the birth of Maes sister Lily, 17 months ago, that the epidural I had had worn off by the time I actually delivered her..suffice to say I now know that this was not the case!Yowsers-going cold turkey during labour is not for me!
Had a second degree tear, mostly as babies arm was up by her ear as she emerged..but was so relieved it was all over and Mae finally arrived that I hardly noticed the stitching going on..

We have come home today and introduced our two gorgeous daughters to one far so so looking forward to our lives as a family of four!

Would also like to Thank all the lovely May ladies-without whose humour, wisdom, support and pirate porn I wouldnt have made it through the last 41 plus weeks..partic the last 12 days when I thought I would be pregnant forever!Lots of love to you all...looking forward to continuing to compare notes on our babies now they are no longer bumps..

OP posts:
oooggs · 06/06/2007 21:45

Huge Congratulations and well done xx from and April 07 mummy (but they came in March )

lionheart · 06/06/2007 21:48

Congratulations (and a lovely thread title too).

Lupins71 · 06/06/2007 22:44

awwwwww congrats scoot you brave girly and well done for going so long and remaining civil, all over now - get your feet up and enjoy you little Mae, hugs to you

justbeme · 06/06/2007 22:54

Many congratulations - You were soooo brave - Glad your both well. (From June thread)

aprilmeadow · 07/06/2007 09:57

Massive congratulations Scooter on the safe arrival of little Mae. And well done on getting though labour without pain relief

ShowOfHands · 07/06/2007 13:45

Right most importantly Scoot, don't you go mentioning pirate porn in the same breath as 'May ladies'. It makes it sound like we were all complicit in that particular conversation when we all know it was LG&T and her inherent filthiness. I for one was disgusted by the entire thing.

Congratulations you brave lady. You sound like you did very well indeed and in 17 months time when you're birthing dd3 perhaps you'll do it drug free again. I'm very proud of you for doing it au naturel, sounds like you were a superstar.

I can't wait to hear more about Mae- and to meet her one day with a bit of luck- and I'm sure she'll be a smashing little sister to Lily. Well done Scoot and MrScoot, I'm very, very pleased for you.


lulumama · 07/06/2007 13:51

what a brilliant birth story!! and a great title, beautiful name for a beautiful girl, no doubt !

am sorry, but am PMSL at your DH answering the TV remote!!

glad he made it, and well done you !!

Pebblemum · 07/06/2007 16:38

congrats Scoot

cameroonmama · 08/06/2007 21:37

Many congrats to the whole Scoot family, worth the wait i'm sure

largeginandtonic · 10/06/2007 15:02

HUGE CONGRATS to Scoot and Mr Scoot! A fab birth story, you did very well to cope Scoot. I cant wait to meet up so i can meet little Mae, Lily must be very pleased.

As for reckless accusations from porn obsessed SOH i am at a loss for words. She also has 47 children that she tries to pass off as mine too.....

JonahB · 10/06/2007 19:25

A big congratulations to you Scoot and to mr scoot!!!!

You are one brave lady. G&A plus a shot of pethadine nearly did me in, i can't imagine what it's like without the latter.....

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