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I have a new nephew after an amazing 1st labour for my sister!

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Idobelieveinfairies · 02/06/2007 08:01

He is called Freddie, he is 2 and a half weeks early and weights 6lb 3ozs and he is gorgeous!!!

My sister had a fab delivery.

Worked all day until 4pm, went to town for last minute baby bits. came to mine at 5, went off to a wedding fair. Had a bit of backache there.

She got home at 7pm, and her waters broke on the kitchen floor and tightenings began. She phoned hospital and they said have something to eat and then go into be checked. She also had DP and his dad rushing to her work as she had left her maternity notes there!

She went in to hospital about 9pm, waters definately broken, having pains every 3 mins but not lasting very long so told to go home and try and rest up. Her cervix wasn't dilated and was far back.

She phoned the midwife back at about 10.30pm as she couldn't cope with the pain but midwife told her to stay put as not much would have happened in the short time from seeing her. She phoned me at 11pm in a lot of pain so rushed round to her house (10mins away), got her dressed and into car (took ages, bloomin contractions! arrived at hospital at 1.05am. She was examined and dilated 5cm!!! She enjoyed the gas and air and Freddie was born at 2.10am after about 3 mins of pushing!! The delivery pack wasn't ready!!! she has a few stitches but very relieved it is over.

So about an 2 hr 1st stage labour (established labour)
3 mins 2nd stage

Very fast for a 1st birth!!! And i was so lucky to have been there all the way through. An amazing experience as you kind of miss out when you have your FEEL it..but are usually kinda out of it...Haha

OP posts:
yogimum · 02/06/2007 08:04

welcome Freddie! I am so happy your sister had a lovely first birth. Congratulations! Enjoy been an auntie!

belgo · 02/06/2007 08:06

congratulations to your sister. yes that was a good first labour.

ChipButty · 02/06/2007 08:14

Brilliant! So happy for you all and wishing your sister and her son well. xx

fireflyfairy2 · 02/06/2007 21:20

Congratulations!!! Welcome Freddie

lulumama · 03/06/2007 12:42

wow !!! that is good going for a first birth ! what a great birth, how wonderful, welcome to freddie

and congratulations to aunti fairies !

beckmo · 10/06/2007 06:33

Oohh...congrats to you and your sister.And I needed to read a positive straighforward birth story so thank you!

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