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Lwatkins snoozes her way through labour!

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Lwatkins · 25/05/2007 20:46

The short version of it goes:

Charlotte May Diane was born on the 23rd May at 22:12, weighing 7lbs 6.5oz. We are both home now and I still can't believe I was capable of making something so precious

For anyone interested in the slightly longer version:

Was admitted to hospital on Monday for blood pressure monitoring as it was too high. They also decided that my bp was too high and very eratic and my urate count was also not right. Was then booked in for an induction on Tuesday at 2pm. Was very nervous and shocked by all of this.

Went in on tuesday and spent the entire day and night hooked up to a ctg monitor (oh how I hate them!) and had a number of internals. The baby was causing concern as she was extremely sleepy and wouldn't wake up so was told that I wouldn't be able to have the gel in case it caused her distress. Wednesday morning came and after an internal was told my cervix was 'ripe' enough for them to break my waters. Truth of it was I was only 1cm dilated and my cervix hadn't really thinned out which made the experience.....unpleasant! They put the drip in which I honestly found more painful than the entire labour experience. My poor hand!

Started to contract and everything was ok, coping well with no pain relief. Then all of a sudden the contractions started coming with very little time in between them and became so painful and intense I felt I was totally loosing control. Was given an epidural - oh what fabulous things they are From then I slept until my next internal when I was told I was 4cms. Slept again until another internal done by a consultant hours later. And I qoute:

"Oh, your fully dilated and the head is just there. We can see her coming. Time to start pushing, good luck." (out walks the consultant)

I swear the shock alone from hearing that said so calmly by this woman practically delivered Lottie alone! I hadn't felt a thing, and didn't expect to have gone from 4-10cms in that time. After an hour and a halfs pushing out she popped - sleeping

Needed an episotomy and two sets of stiches which are uncomfortable but am well dosed up on pain releif for them. Overall I found the labour very enjoyable after I had the epidural, got loads of sleep so had lots of energy for pushing - didn't feel anything. I love her so much already, as does everyone else. Breast feeding is now going well (she was too sleepy to want to feed as well apparantly!) and she's settled at home. Putting pics on profile

OP posts:
McDreamy · 25/05/2007 20:47


fryalot · 25/05/2007 20:49

aww, lovely story

congratulations and welcome to the world, little one.

ScaryHairy · 25/05/2007 20:49

Lovely story - I do love the "wake me up when the hairdresser's here" approach.
Congratulations and welcome little Lottie.

nanninurse · 25/05/2007 20:51

Well done..

Beauregard · 25/05/2007 20:51


Sexonknackeredlegs · 25/05/2007 21:01

Congratulations to you. My dd turned 4 on the 23rd May, so a great date to be born on!

Wishing you lots of happiness.

elkiedee · 25/05/2007 21:24

Great story, maybe I should have gone for epidurals after all! Congratulations. Hope you and Charlotte have a great time now together after the stress of pregnancy in a student flat that you described on the antenatal threads.

oooggs · 25/05/2007 21:26

congratulations - photo is lovely - makes me wonder where my last 8 weeks have gone since I had dt's

cameroonmama · 25/05/2007 21:31

LW - yippee! Many congrats, well done you and Lottie looks just adorable. I bet your mum is smitten

Mrsjaffabiffa · 25/05/2007 21:36

Massive congrats LW, she is a cutie....

I agree with you on the epidural, great things. Shame mine was too late this time.

Well done, another clever May Mummy.


JonahB · 25/05/2007 22:05

a big congrats to you LW!!!! How lovely - to sleep through your labour

MKG · 25/05/2007 22:51

Congrats Lwat

emwad · 25/05/2007 23:01

Congratulations LW, lovely car seat - same as mine!
Your DD is gorgeous and so petite - they get big so quickly

scootermum · 25/05/2007 23:04

Well done my darling!!Hope mine is like that...

lulumama · 25/05/2007 23:24

congatulations on the safe arrival of must be thrilled. x

twelveyeargap · 26/05/2007 06:50


munz · 26/05/2007 07:38

ooh she is just divine. big congrats honney well done you

LoveMyGirls · 26/05/2007 07:41

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! Your birth story is just like mine when i had dd1 epidurals are a god send, shame nasty midwife wouldnt let me hav one with dd2.

bumperlicious · 26/05/2007 08:08

Congrats Lwatkins and good luck in the first few weeks!

InTheseShoes · 26/05/2007 08:21

So pleased for you - a lovely birth story, and she is absolutely gorgeous! Well done you, looking forward to tales of motherhood when you get a chance!


madeindevon2 · 26/05/2007 09:17

many many congratulations lwatkins!!!
what a little cutey you have there.
look fwd to joining you soon (i hope) on the post natal thread!

aprilmeadow · 26/05/2007 11:24

Congratulations LW. What a lovely birth story and what lovely names x

Indith · 26/05/2007 11:35

Congratulations! She looks precious.

twoplusone · 27/05/2007 12:43

Congratulations. Charlotte is gorgeous.

Dogsby · 27/05/2007 12:45

what apretty photo

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