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ChilliCheeseMama · 05/03/2018 15:45

Coming up to my 20 week scan soon where I will be able to find out the gender (hopefully anyway πŸ˜‚), wanted to find out secretly and surprise my partner with the gender on his birthday, which isn't too long after the scan (before anyone asks, he is fine with being surprised with the gender, just doesn't know when I will reveal it as there are various family events coming up alongside his birthday).

Usually I'm really creative but I'm drawing a bit of a blank of fun ways to do this other than cake (which would be useful as it would also double as a birthday cake), balloons and those popper things with the coloured confetti...

How did you tell your partner/family what the gender was?? Really want it to be a great surprise πŸ™ˆ hoping I'm not going to get slated for posting this but everything I find online is just so meh 😭!!!

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neednewshoes · 05/03/2018 15:59

I saw a funny one online where they painted a dozen eggs blue and pink. They were all hard boiled except for one. The couple took it in turns to crack them on each other's heads. The one that wasn't hard boiled was the gender. They got right to the last two eggs. They both didn't know the gender though.
Or another idea possibly a gender hunt round the house. Where you have different presents hidden around the house each with a clue where the next one is with the gender gift at the end.

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