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HelloMama's finally a mama!

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HelloMama · 01/08/2004 17:25

Introducing baby Ruben who was born on 31 July 2004! He was 3 days overdue but when he decided the time was right, he wasn't hanging around! We stayed at home as long as we could and on admission to hospital I was 9.5cm dilated, wow! I ended up having the most incredible waterbirth with a bit of gas and air and it truly was my dream birth. The midwives were amazing, they read our birth plan and did everything we asked for. I just couldn't believe it! Weighing in at a collosal 9 pounds 2 ounces, so far he is feeding well. Unfortunately i did end up with a bad 2nd degree tear which was very traumatic having it sorted out afterwards, but i think he was worth it! All I can say was, it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be... and no, I didn't get to eat any of the snacks I had carefully chosen to eat during labour, or use any of the special massage oils! Maybe next time.....!

OP posts:
Tessiebear · 01/08/2004 17:38

Fantastic HelloMama, welcome to the wonderful world of boys!!! What a lovely name!

Angeliz · 01/08/2004 17:47


coppertop · 01/08/2004 18:00

Congratulations HM! It sounds like an amazing birth. Welcome to not-so-little Ruben.

mummysurfer · 01/08/2004 18:05

Congratulations - it must have been a good experience as you already mention 'next time'.

Hulababy · 01/08/2004 18:26

Congratulations and welcome to Ruben

marthamoo · 01/08/2004 18:31

Great news, and welcome baby Ruben !

motherinferior · 01/08/2004 19:15


wilbur · 01/08/2004 19:46

Wow - and congrats! Well done and welcome to Ruben.

mummytosteven · 01/08/2004 19:48

Congratulations HelloMama, and glad the birth went so well (and that you are up to posting on the internet so soon afterwards!)

Yorkiegirl · 01/08/2004 20:07

Message withdrawn

sibble · 01/08/2004 20:08

many congratulations and glad everything went so well for you all

Quackers · 01/08/2004 20:10

I'm so delighted for you!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! What a fab birth - enjoy him!!!!!
(still here btw..... think of me) xxxxx

dinny · 01/08/2004 20:15

Well done! Congratulations on your baby son. x

Bunglie · 01/08/2004 20:21

Congratulations and celebrations .......(bet your singing?)

So glad for you and a big WELCOME to baby Ruben

A 'virtual hug to all (((((((((()))))))))))

mears · 01/08/2004 20:34

Congratulations ans well done. Wecome to Reuben

unicorn · 01/08/2004 21:06

Congratulations... and welcome to Ruben!

HelloMama · 05/08/2004 16:08

Thanks for all your lovely replies! Things are going really well so far and I keep having lovely memories of the birth, things keep flooding back that I didn't remember before!

The main reason why it was so good was the excellent midwife we had and the 2nd year midwifery student who was working with her. As a first birth experience I was so scared and yet now I feel it was one of the most wonderful things ever - I feel so loved up!

OP posts:
jodee · 05/08/2004 23:13

What a lovely name! Many congrats.

Aero · 05/08/2004 23:24

Congratulations! Love the name!Well done HelloMama.

hermykne · 08/08/2004 09:42

well done and congratualtions

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