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Freddie is here!!!

10 replies

kayzr · 22/03/2007 11:27

Freddie Dominic Richardson was born at 12:15 on Tuesday 20th March, 2 days late.

He weighed 7lbs 2oz and has loads of dark hair.

Labour was awful and not sure if I'll ever be able to do it again, but it was worth it and he is just perfect.

OP posts:
LiliAnjelika · 22/03/2007 12:07

Congratulations! I don't think I've ever been in conversation with you before but I thought I'd give this thread a little bump.

Labout is always pretty awful and you probably will do it again!

fairyjay · 22/03/2007 12:08

Congrats - and welcome to the world Freddie.
He didn't arrive on a pedalo did he?

kayzr · 22/03/2007 12:11


There was no pedalo involved though I wouldn't mind being in the West Indies.

I probably will do it again really.

OP posts:
fairyjay · 22/03/2007 12:12

I know it's a old cliche - but you really do forget. And he's so worth it, I bet!

kayzr · 24/03/2007 10:08

He is definetly worth it. even at 2 in the morning

OP posts:
lulumama · 24/03/2007 11:43

lovely news ! well done on the safe arrival of freddie. x

BigCremeEggs · 24/03/2007 11:48

well done and big congrats xxxxx

Saturn74 · 24/03/2007 11:56


Tortington · 24/03/2007 11:57

love that name

carrotcake · 25/03/2007 21:07

bet you do it again too! Congrats, and lovely name!

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