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Help for friend after forceps!

10 replies

katelister · 28/05/2017 17:57

Hello everyone,

I am hoping you can help me. My closest friend has just given birth to a right bruiser - it was a 40 hour delivery that ended in forceps and cutting to get him out. Being a top gal pal, I would like to put together a present to help sooth her poor battered lady garden, but don't have a clue as to what helps and what doesn't! I don't have any children myself, so don't know what's best to suggest here!

Could anyone help me with some tips or suggestions as to what helps to sooth a very sore, post-birth vagina? (Amazon isn't being any help at all.)

Many, many thanks - Kate xx

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QueenoftheAndals · 28/05/2017 17:59

Erm Hmm

pancakesunday · 28/05/2017 18:04
FirstofherName · 28/05/2017 18:52

Who uses terms like "top gal pal" and "poor battered lady garden"?? I call BS...

katelister · 28/05/2017 19:15

I do! Why on earth would this be BS? It would be the single weirdest thing to bullshit someone about.

OP posts:
katelister · 28/05/2017 19:16

Amazing!! Thank you so much - that's exactly the kind of thing I was after. Thanks for your help. X

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Vanannabananna · 28/05/2017 19:19

I had a 10lb 1oz baby via forceps. Yes to the cushion! I was told to bath in lavender drops to help healing. It did sooth the wound. Strong paracetamol was also useful. Maybe a home cooked meal and snacks as well.

katelister · 29/05/2017 07:10

You poor thing! I am certainly getting her the cushion. Thank you for the lavender tip, I wasn't sure if that kind of thing would be irritating. Legend

Thank you! X

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siblingrevelryagain · 29/05/2017 07:14

Tell her to put a few drops of the lavender oil into a small glass of milk (pref full fat but semi at the least). I was told by a midwife that oil sits on the surface but if mixed with milk it emulsified with the fat and then Is dispersed

CaipirinhasAllRound · 31/05/2017 18:50

I had forceps and an episiotomy. I'd get moist loo wipes. And nice hand cream. Nothing to do with the type of birth but changing nappies all the time means you're constantly washing your hands.

katelister · 31/05/2017 22:01

You lot are brilliant! Thank you. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Xx

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